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October 18, 2012

Looking for another chance — and not finding it

Filed under: Advice — posted by Breakup Girl @ 9:39 am

Getting desperate on November 9, 1998

Dear Breakup Girl,

I am a 21 year old college student. I went out with this girl for about 3- 4 months, and before she went back to school she had broken up with me. We had planned on staying together for the summer, but much to my disappointment that didn’t happen. Things were good between us, up until about the last month, and I know that it was mostly my fault. I didn’t cheat on her or anything, but I disappointed her, and didn’t act the way I should have acted around her right before she was to go back home for the summer. She gave me her phone number back home before she went back. I talked to her a couple times, very briefly. I never brought up anything about our relationship when I talked to her, because I didn’t want to make her to get upset with me or anything. Well, time went on, and I called her a couple times and she started not to call back when she said she would. So I let it go, tried to forget about her. I have dated other people throughout the summer, and found myself not to be satisfied, and unhappy with what I was doing. I tried to forget about her as much as I could, but it just wasn’t working. So I decided to call her the other night, and she said she was on the phone long distance with her mom. True or false I dont know. She asked me if I was going to be home, and then said I’ll give you a call back. And now it has been 3 days and she hasn’t called back. So I think I get the picture — she really isn’t interested anymore. I just wish I had the chance to talk with her and let her know how I really feel about her. It has been a while since we have broke up, and I try and try to forget about her, and to date other girls, and that just doesn’t work. I cannot get her out of my heart, I really love her. And the thing was I never told her that, and i don’t know why. I just don’t know what to do anymore, now that she doesn’t call back or anything. I wish I could just let her know how I feel. My options are running on low, I really have no options but to try and forget about her. I just wish there could be some way I could get to have a conversation with her. And make it up to her if at all possible. I guess I should take the hint, but I love her and don’t know what to do. My last and final idea that I was pondering was just to send her a nice card, and just explain to her how I feel and all that kind of thing. And after that, if I get no response, then I guess I have to give up. If you can help me as to what to do I would appreciate it. All I ask for is another chance. I know that you will probably suggest that I give up, and take a hint as to what is going on. But any other advice would be very helpful. Thanks.

— Sean O.

Dear Sean,

Send the card, kiddo. But first read my letters to you guys about what not to expect.

Breakup Girl


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  2. Honestly I’m going to play devil’s advocate on both sides hehe cause I’m a nebwie who did leave her boyfriend of 4 years and come out for her girlfriend and I ended up getting dumped 2 weeks later!! The thing is you have to follow your heart and though I was hurt at first I had left someone I was with for a long time then I realized that this would give me an chance to live the way I wanted and I am I’m HERE aren’t I Look, you can’t push someone into doing anything and if you really love her you know that already love isn’t forced and won’t force someone to do something that could cause they harm (at least money wise) plus this is her decision and maybe she isn’t as gay as you think she is maybe it’s an attactraction to you an attachment or maybe it’s love but on the other hand my advice to you is to realize she might be a friend for life not a girlfriend for life and really think about if you want to live that way and if you are ready to be the one waiting and if you can live with that do it and if you can’t don’t the decisions and choices are always up to you the truth is if you look at the bigger picture you’ll realize that in the end the only person who will really end up hurting is you because you don’t feel other’s pain anyways so you have to decide do you want to love or be hurt or hurt while being loved or love while being hurt Good Luck and I honestly hope you find your way because I did and I’m doing very well!!

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