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February 17

Sleeping with the Edward

Filed under: pop culture — posted by Breakup Girl @ 3:06 pm

Finally! The second-scariest Twilight product.


December 7

Hotter: Edward Cullen, or Princess Bride guy?

Filed under: Celebrities,pop culture — posted by Paula @ 2:24 pm

I am one of approximately four female mortals who has not read any of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books, but am always curious about a literary phenomenon that a) gets kids reading and b) gets money into the pockets of a female writer (since acclaim seems woefully lacking these days).

Despite my concern that Meyer’s vampire novels are not fact-based (everyone knows vampires burn up in direct sunlight — they don’t sparkle, for God’s sake), I say kudos to her for creating some characters so indelible that people who have never read the books can have opinions on them. And indeed, perhaps young Twilight fans can go on to explore other “literary hotties,” guided by this YourTango post, Seven Book Characters Hotter than Edward Cullen.

CAUTION: Not including Zooey or Adso of Melk casts grave doubts on this list’s accuracy! Any additions of your own?


August 26

Twilight fright

Filed under: pop culture,Treats — posted by Breakup Girl @ 12:05 pm

Now, I love Etsy. But a life-size wall decal of Edward Cullen? To put “on the back of your bedroom door so he can be intrigued while you sleep“!?!? [Emphasis added, from under my bed.] Yiiiii! Somebody call Buffy!


July 2

Edward Cullen: Sexy or Creepy?

Filed under: media — posted by Chris @ 10:03 am

I recently watched Twilight for the first time and I couldn’t understand why Bella (Kristen Stewart, who I will always identify as the little boy in Panic Room) was attracted to Edward (Robert Pattinson) at all. But then, I’m a guy. I guess there was that saving-her-life thing. That’s sexy. But otherwise? He was kind of a mess of creepy affectations. And let’s not forget he’s really an old man.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer always did a good job of punching a hole in this kind of epic brooding, so maybe that ruined it for me. In fact, my reaction to the movie is perfectly captured in this well edited video mashup of Buffy Summers meeting Edward Cullen:

Cree-pee. I would stake him too. (And, boy, does he do a LOT of walking away.) And yet this is what passes for female-fantasy? Edward doesn’t seem any less creepy when Vicki Iovine at the Huffington Post tries to explain his appeal (in the books) in a vacuous and only barely self-aware piece on what she’s calling “mommy porn”:

I’m in the mood to see more people punched in the nose by a handsome hero. Perhaps the evolution of 21st century men into laptop toting, UFL-lit frequent fliers to further self-importance leaves many women hungering for a man who can cut down a tree, rebuild an engine and catch and gut a fish. And I want one of those kinds of guys handing out a few shiners to the girly men on my list: Bernie Madoff, Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh to name a few. Admit it, it felt good to see someone punch Perez Hilton, didn’t it?

To all those guys — myself included — asking “why do women date assholes?” I think her piece inadvertently holds the answer.


June 2

“New Moon” trailer reaction video

Filed under: Treats — posted by Breakup Girl @ 9:30 am

There is perhaps no love purer than a fangirl’s for her Twilight.


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