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July 24, 2000 e-mail e-mail to a friend in need

She's hired! Please join all of us in welcoming the newest, least tired member of Team BG: Kim! She's on board to help BG manage all things advicey and more, while Friday moves on to all sorts of other killer stuff we'll start to roll out shortly.

To get to know Kim a little better, you'll have to watch this space* -- that is, alas, you don't get to watch BG-Town change and grow on our own documentary on ABC.

Still, we do try to emulate our youthful idols old and current: why, BG performed in a mall just last weekend! (No, not this kind of performance ... though David and Elizabeth -- in love as ever! -- actually did stop by to say hi!) Which just goes to show:

You're Never Too Old

BG, in fact, both showed and defied her age that very same weekend, having found herself at Paisley Park listening to Prince himself play for a crowd of less than 100...from 3:30 to 5:30 AM. "Less than 100" could also describe the audience's collective age. Let's just say, for argument's sake, that their first Prince album would be, oh, Diamonds and Pearls. While for my dear companion and me, our first Prince album was, oh, Prince's first Prince album. So while they danced through the hours until Prince's arrival, we...leaned on things. But finally! He showed up! He jammed (see July 15)! We danced! We left -- at sunrise -- in one bedraggled piece (each). So I still don't know if we're young 'cause we survived or if we're old 'cause ... barely. But anyway.

BG corrolary: at some point, you are too old to, say, leave your contacts in shot glasses on someone's speakers. You are too old for dating dithering. But: you are not too old to feel young and ready for more -- especially as equipped as you are with the wisdom of your years. No matter when it is, it is not too late. Here's what -- besides my aching feet -- made me think of this: I asked my Paisley-Park-going pal if he ever felt jealous or resentful of the fact that his stellar wife had been married before. Like, that he didn't get there first. He said, "Sometimes, yeah, of course. But the main thing is that without that experience, she wouldn't be the person I fell in love with."

Oh! Oh! See that? Now: I mean this as practically as I do cosmically: you two will meet -- and stay met -- when you, plural, are ready. Done. Ripe for each other. That is why -- and when -- you will be drawn to each other; it's not like you already "missed" The One by getting on the wrong train or something. Surely you get impatient. I know it can feel like the pickins are slimming. But don't you be the one to "distress" yourself with that coat of "too late" paint. There's always time for a new (forgive me) hobby, a new approach, a new serenity with the way things already are. Even a new name.

Now. Let me get my reading glasses.

* We've put Kim right to work on helping BG assemble this column (which is, thus, shorter, just this week), so as soon as she comes up for air, we'll put up her pinup/bio.

Do Tell!
BG needs you to help her write her future columns! Inquiring superheros want to know:
* How did you MEETmeet? We've got the Big To Do; let's hear from you, too. What advice do you have for finding keepers? (This is for you, Bethany!)
* Something old? How old ...were you when you got married? The first time? Or decided not to? Does the "age" in marriage matter? (This is for you, Crystal!)
* Single parents: How do you deal with dating? (This is for you, CJanelleS!)
* Dealbreakers: I've been asked to print "the definitive list." Bring 'em on!

Do Sell!
Asking the band! You and O-Town! Oh! Oh!
Hearing voices? Check out the audio version of BG's book (read by BG herself, even though the headphones at the studio made her hair look funny)!



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