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March 22, 1999 e-mail e-mail to a friend in need


Please bear with Breakup Girl.

For the next couple months, she will be holed up in the war room writing the book that she would/could not be writing without you. Watch for it -- published by Little, Brown -- in Spring 2000 (hey, objects in calendar are closer than they appear!). Chris@breakupgirl.net, is of course, busy illustrating and designing.

That massive project, plus other daily features at the site, co-writing and -producing a brand-new Breakup Girl LIVE every month -- not to mention the giddy whirlwind that is my social life (or yours, anyway: do you know how many proms I'm going to have to stop in at?) -- means that for the next little while .... I will still be writing my advice column! But, I'm warning you, the columns might be a little shorter than usual, and, even more likely, I might not always do a central theme.

Thanks for understanding, and for being the reason Chris and I are so busy around here. Mad-isimo props to Betsy and Paul, without whom I wouldn't even be able to get to the end of this sentence.

And, besides, when I did a theme-free assortment of letters last week and called it Spring Cleaning, it snowed. So please join me for

Spring Cleaning II



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