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June 7, 1999 e-mail e-mail to a friend in need


Breakup Girl has left the building!

I've been on vacation all week -- no, not in Tuscany -- in Montana's breathtaking Glacier National Park. The original draw was, of course, a wedding. But now that I've got both Paul and Betsy aboard, I can afford to take a little more time off (SO THAT, RESTED, I CAN BETTER SERVE YOU WHEN I RETURN).

Whose wedding, you ask? Well -- pay attention, Gregoire -- let me be the first to dispel rumors of the clandestine union of BG and BG-It-Boy Adam Goldberg. (I'm sure I'm the first, 'cause I started them.) No, it's the very dear son of very dear friends of the family. Who is quite a bit younger than I. When justifying my presence on the guest list for the "family" barbeque, he said, "Well, BG's like my ... sister." According to his mother, he started to say "little sister."


While I'm not going on an actual Wedding Tour this year, my nuptial calendar is, as always, quite full. Somehow I have a feeling we'll address that in the next Breakup Girl LIVE, "Someone Old, Someone New, Someone Blue" this Thursday, June 10 (yes, as part of NYC's Toyota Comedy Festival, it's one week later than usual, this month only) at Gotham Comedy Club and, of course, at comedynet.com.

And now, in honor of my visit to

Big Sky

Country, I bring you just a few really

Long Letters.

(Randomly enough, they just happen to all be from women. This doesn't Mean Anything.)



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