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December 13, 1999 e-mail e-mail to a friend in need


Breakup Girl presents:

Volume II.

Once again: unlike last-minute bunker-builders, I'm devoting the next few weeks to the opposite of hoarding -- that is, I'm eschewing my usual opening themes in this column so as to get right to as many of your stockpiled letters as possible, quick, before your relationships/the world end(s). You think all those computers have dating problems?! I've got to fix all of yours, pronto!

And I have to say, weighty millennial significance does indeed seem to be setting in. I'm noticing a particular surge lately in Asking BG The Big Questions. Oh no, not everday average "What should I wear when I call?" confusion. Why, this week alone, we've got inquiries/pleas such as:

  • "Why do fools fall in love?"
  • "Is that what love is all about?"
  • "What who when where and why?"
  • "'But,' I stammered, 'What about my birthday? And New Year's!?'"
  • "For the sake of love, and lovers everywhere, help me keep love alive!"

I guess it's that time of the millennium. Questions like, "What does s/he mean?" are so ... 90s. These days, we're talking, "What does it all mean?" And herewith, I will do my superhero best to answer. And will also note that the fact that I still don't have set plans for The Eve means absolutely nothing.



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