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November 21, 2000 CONTINUED

A Daly Dose

The hopes of more than a few preteenaged girls have been dashed since the announcement of Carson Daly's engagement to Tara Reid, but I'd like to assure the sad-eyed little ones out there that once you hit puberty, you'll forget all about him. (Besides, isn't Carson Daly just a Dick Clark clone, anyway?) He was out celebrating Tara's birthday last week at La Parue, along with Tobey Maguire and party staples Frankie Rayder and James King. There was one unfortunate event of the evening, however, and it involved bad eyesight and a stone dog! La Purue apparently has some cute little tradition where each guest must pet a little stone Chihuahua on her way in. (Personally, I think it sounds quite unsanitary!) Well, Tara and Carsie were on their way in, and the birthday girl bent to pet the inanimate beast. All of sudden, she jerked back and screamed! Ms. Reid apparently thought the rock was an actual dog, and we all know how terrifying actual, real-life Chihuahuas are!

Proof Of Life...Indeed!

Is Meg Ryan pregnant with Russell Crowe's baby? No indication of it in their ever so brief appearance outside the Plaza on Saturday, but sources have leaked to the New York Post that Meg may, in fact, be baking up a fresh famous face as we speak. They claim that Meg has backed out of some public appearances in the past few days and may curtail the press that she does for her latest film, "Proof Of Life," another bundle of joy made with Russell Crowe. Meg's press slacks are already denying the pregnancy, though I'm going with the gossip mill here. I mean, have you seen the way these two act in public? Imagine what bawdy behavior goes on behind closed doors?!

Playing Ketchup

Of course, our country's grandest non-couple -- Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow -- may actually be moving on to different sides of the tabloids. Ben's been swearing up and down that he and Gwyneth are no longer dating, and usually such vehement assertions mean that they're hot-and-heavier than ever! However, Gwyn had a rather interesting date with her at the "Bounce" premiere party last week at the Hudson Hotel -- namely Chris Heinz, heir to the ketchup empire. Our Gwyn, with a condiment man?! They looked all cozy and avoided Ben for most of the evening. Could the affair truly be over? Has Ben lost both Al Gore and Gwyneth Paltrow?

Celebrity Quote Of The Week

"The consciousness of 'Let's just get this thing done' is insane. Anyone in a hurry to get it over with doesn't understand what is at stake. If they do it expeditiously, great. But I'd like to see it done accurately several times."

-- singer, political activist, and former longhair Michael Bolton, telling the New York Daily News that he hopes for a recount that lasts longer than his recording career...

Kenny G at the Zeta-Douglas wedding? Michael Bolton talking politics? I hate to bring up a tired old tune, but please, "Who let the dogs out?"

Until Matt Damon dates a mustard queen,


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