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August 2, 2000

You &... O-Town!


Being in the Band: "You Want Fame...?"

Nicole asks, "How do you think having your lives, relationships, and beginnings as O-Town broadcast across the nation will affect your group's success? Do you think it will be good for you guys, or because everyone knows so much about you, will it be a turn off? (Personally, I think you guys have a lot of talent and will succeed. But being so publicized at the beginning of your careers might be an obstacle because we already know so much about you, so there's nothing to really learn.)"

Erik: I think if people just keep it in their minds that there is no way to give an accurate depiction of someone's total embodiment in a matter of twenty two minutes, we'll be OK.

Alisa C asks, "What is the biggest sacrifice you had to make to be a part of this group?"

Jacob: Privacy -- and basically a "normal" life -- but every decision has a sacrifice or a downside.

Nicole T. asks, "What will you guys do to stay grounded (e.g. go back home every chance you get to not get to wrapped up in 'show business', etc...)? "

Dan: We tell each other when we're getting out of hand. I think all of us fear going back to our hometowns and having people say we forgot where we came from. So we'll go home every chance we get and be the same we've always been.

Susan says, "I have watched every episode. In the last three episodes, it has been stressed that Jacob needs to become the group's leader. Do you believe you would be more successful as a group if you had one leader and the other four followed or if everyone worked as a team? How do you all feel about this and do you think Jacob would be the best choice as your group's leader?"

Ashley: On the show, Jacob is referred to and semi-portrayed as a leader of the group. In actuality, it is not just one person doing the leading. We all assume the role of leader at different times, and we look to each other for leadership. Jacob is an excellent leader, as is everyone in the group...that is how we all made it into this business. I think the episodes mistake Jacob's being outspoken for his being the sole leader of the group.

Genevieve asks, "Have your opinions of each other changed since you first met?"

Erik: Yes, of course. We have learned so much more about each other over the past few months.

(With two to a room, it would have been hard not to...)

Diane writes, "You all want to be excellent at your craft. So far, what has been the most effective way to inspire one another without making that person feel judged or lacking?"

Trevor: We get along so well now that we are all very good at taking constructive criticism.

Charisse wants to know a few things: "What are the funniest things that happen when you guys are together? What kind of practical jokes do you play on each other?"

Jacob: The other guys make up skits like on Saturday Night Live and entertain me for hours.

"And what does everyone contribute that helps the group to be better? Also, what's everyone's voice part when you harmonize?"

Say the five: Dan is a baritone/tenor. Trevor is a bass/baritone who brings mad energy and emotion and whose dance skills are off the charts. Jacob is a tenor who brings incredible dancing and singing ability as well as a strong "get to business" attitude. Erik is also a tenor and brings soul and emotion; he is a true performer. Ashley, another tenor, brings humor and incredible musical knowledge.

Jessica writes, "It seems like the people you work with are always pushing you and saying that whatever you're doing isn't good enough. Do you think that they're expecting to much or pushing too hard?"

Ashley: I think they expect a lot, but I also think that's good pressure for us. We have a lot to accomplish in very little time.

LaShanda must know, "Is it fun working with Tyjuan? From what I see on "Making the Band" it seems as if he works you guys so hard because he wants you to be the best, do you agree?"

Trevor: Tyjuan wants us to be the best, and we love that he works us so hard, because it is good for us.

Laura F asks, "What do you miss most about life before O-Town?"

Erik: The ability to just go home and not have to discuss my career. My mom gets a little excited -- she loves what I'm doing!

Kat writes, "I've seen the show a few times and we, the TV audience, really only get to see it from the show's point of view. Is there anything that the show has implied about you guys that doesn't really show what you guys are like?"

Erik: It doesn't show a lot of the things that we want because we don't have enough time. There are days worth of footage of Ashley and me acting crazy and goofy -- 80% of our personal camera time was spent creating in-depth comedy sketches. That's my hobby!

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