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August 2, 2000

You &... O-Town!


Competition: "I Don't Want It That Way"

Aisha asks, "What makes you different from all the millions of boy bands out there? What style do you bring to the table that once I play your CD or listen to the radio, I would not mistake you for the Backstreet Boys or 'N SYNC?"

Dan: We want to come out with something totally different. The whole boy-band genre has taken a bad name and we wanna do something out of the ordinary.

(You already have! They didn't visit!)

(Not) Making the Band

Rachel asks, "How did you guys feel when Paul left the group? Why did he go?"

Trevor: We were all very surprised because we thought that only Ikaika was thinking of leaving. We think he left because his heart wasn't in it.

Talia asks, "How would you feel if you hadn't made the band, and what do you think you'd be doing now?"

Jacob: I was in a hard rock band, so I would be continuing in that style and trying to "make it."

Kelsey wants to know, "Are you guys still friends with Bryan, Mike, and Paul?"

Ashley: Of course! We talk with them when our paths cross, and we wish them the best in everything. They're all very talented.

Music and Careers

Kelsey and Nicole ask, "Would you consider yourselves a "band" even though you don't write your own music? Or do you consider yourselves more as a group?"

Jacob: Personally, I have always written my own music and played my own instruments, so it's hard letting other people write for me. But as for us as a whole, I consider this a vocal group.

April gets right to it: "What sort of plans have you made for yourselves if -- God forbid -- your music careers don't take off as well as you expected? (P.S. Good luck, guys! My family gets together Friday nights to watch as your careers develop! Thanks for making my Fridays a little better...)"

Trevor: If it happens, we will continue to try and make it. (And thanks!)

Joyce asks, "If you had a chance to do a duet with someone who would it be?"

Ashley: Madonna.

(Wow! We can see it now: "Madonna with Angel...Unplugged.")

Candie asks, "What do you think was the most important advice you got about being part of 'the band?' What would your advice be to others toward their future goal in the industry you are working and succeeding in?"

Erik: One word...COMMUNICATE!

Naureen wants to know, "Do you think that the music business will ultimately change who you really are along with your image? Basically, are you guys willing to possibly lose your selves in the process of making it big?"

Dan: I don't think so. I'm always gonna be myself whether the group is big or not. We are all real people and we want to keep it that way.

Last but not least:
Ashley opens up about his step-dad!

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You & O-Town!

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