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August 2, 2000

You &... O-Town!


O-Ther Stuff
(Parents, Friends, School...)

Bridget asks, "Do all of you plan to go to college?"

Dan: I don't know if it'll be necessary. We were all going to school to be entertainers or be in this industry.

Yasmin asks, "Who are your best friends, how did you meet them, and how have they helped you on your journey into success?"

Trevor: My friends at home. They have helped me by treating me the way they always have.

(Since we recently found out on the show how Trevor feels about his best friend, he might want to click here.)

Diana asks, "If you guys could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?"

Erik: The entire cast of Saturday Night Live (all seasons).

Marjorie must know: "Ashley Angel, does your name just fit or are you not an angel some times?"

Ashley: I definitely have my moments, and I most definitely have a devilish side!

Monika asks, "How do you guys feel about people being able to download your music off of programs like Napster?"

Trevor: We think it sucks because it takes away from records being broken and artists and writers getting money.

Kelsey asks, "When you become rich and famous are you gonna donate money to charity, and if you do, which one?"

Jacob: Christian Youth Theater and Christian Community Theater. I grew up in it, and it is a very good organization. Also, my uncle's nonprofit organization called Family Support Foundation. It helps kids that come from broken families or hard childhoods. Although I've had a privileged childhood, I know the experience of a broken home and my heart and support goes out to them.

Angel and Melanie team up: "Do you guys know if there will be a Making the Band with girls?!"

Erik: No, I don't know, but I think it would be interesting!

Ebony asks, "Ashley....Do you think your dad is ever going to change his mind about what you want to do in life? I felt really bad for you that he wasn't supporting you in your decision when it was something that was going to make you so happy."

Ashley: I think he is getting more comfortable with what I am doing, but I don't think he will ever really accept it. He feels very strongly about the entertainment business, and I understand that. I will always wish things could be better between us, but I am doing what I love to do, and I can only do that for one else. Things have gotten better between us since the episode where I went home, and we do talk a lot more now.

So, there you have it, guys! Thanks for all of your questions.

And to Erik, Trevor, Ashley, Jacob, and...Dan (?!?!): we'll see you on Friday.

Team BG

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