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March 17, 2000

DATING ANGST. The year 2000 arrived with nary an apocalypse to be found. But remember all the people who insisted that -- despite those nice, round zeroes -- "the real new millennium doesn't actually begin until the year 2001!"? Do you ever get a little voice in your head saying, "So which is/was it? Is this new millennium or not?" Congratulations. You're suffering from -- neologism alert! -- "Millimbo," the sensation of not knowing which millennium you're actually in. But don't worry... by this time next year, it'll be gone.

NAXOS NIGHTS. What did I tell you about Grecian Formula?

HELMET TRICK. Two New York State sixth graders were the top middle school winners in a National Science Teachers Association/Duracell invention competition. Their gadget: a helmet that allows the hearing-impaired to play hockey -- by showing the wearer a red light on the ref's whistle and a green light when the coach has something to say. I may need this myself, as Breakup Mom may box my ears if I continue to play.

DO-ROCKY-MI. London's favourite thing: Singalong-A-Sound-of-Music. Through the magic of subtitles, the family treaclefest turns costume-and-karaoke extravaganza. Hate that movie, but this could actually make me feel going-on-17 again.

GOOSEHEAD. 14-year-old Ashley Power's site and streaming-video show -- run by the company she founded and runs -- for "teens that aren't little kids." Clearly!

MATES LIKE A DUCK. According to a new report in Nature, female ducks lay bigger, healthier eggs when they mate with more "attractive" -- in duck terms, those who molt earlier in the year -- males. Guys, exfoliate now.

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