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April 7, 2000

ME MYSELF I. Just opened, this spring's careful-what-you-wish-for movie follows Pamela Drury (Oscar nominee Rachel Griffiths) through the sliding doors, if you will, to her own what-if-I'd-married-that-one? scenario. Don't you just know David Duchovny is asking himself the same thing?

"MY DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND IS THE MAN OF MY DREAMS!" Like a BG Confession, it's absolutely true. Salon's Clea MacAllister loves this young 'un for all the right reasons ("He actually seems to have the wit and intelligence to match hers ... He loves my daughter"). Mom is woman enough to admit -- even enjoy -- it, and Mom enough to observe: "One look at my lovely daughter is enough to remind me of my own limited charms. One look and I know that nothing will come of this story except happiness for my daughter and her boyfriend -- and, for me, a certain perverse pleasure and melancholy in the fact that I can still feel such extraordinary yearning for something I can no longer have." No wonder her daughter got so lucky.

XXX. This month, the National Archaeological Museum in Naples unveils a collection of ancient Roman erotica. As if Italy weren't sexy enough already.

SNAIL MAIL NO MORE. An epistolary novel for the new millennium composed of e-mails between two 13-year-old girls. The authors -- Ann M. Martin and Paula "The Cat Ate My Gymsuit" Danziger -- actually wrote it by e-mail themselves. Heck, your e-mails are good enough to publish! Oh, wait.

FINEBINDING.COM. Meanwhile, more and more romances are (re-)becoming epistolary (e-epistolary, anyway) —and the Times reports that FineBinding is getting more and more requests to have e-mails bound into book form ("from women thinking they are the first to make such a request"). See, no matter how e- we get, we still have a soft spot for hard copy.

PG-$15? Movie theaters are considering offering VIP treatment including leather recliners and prime rib...with price tags in the double digits. Well, it's still cheaper than a lobotomy.

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