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May 12, 2000

MIKE THE HEADLESS CHICKEN DAYS. Go to Colorado for the chicken. 'Cause at weddings, apparently, it's prime rib or pasta, nothing in between.

THE VIRUS. How many of you got phone calls from folks saying "If you get an e-mail that says 'I love you,' DELETE!?" Oh, thanks.

RISE UP, JUST A LITTLE. Look out below, there's another subjugated minority that needs your moral outrage. Take a short break from your authentic geo-political angst and agitate for the Garden Gnome Liberation Front. (Note to the WTO: how about some tariffs on French humor?) — Colin

JILL SOBULE. Oooh! BG met her this week! No, I didn't kiss her. But I did get her new CD!

MYLACKEY.COM. Teeteets of the world (or at least of Seattle/Portland, for now), here's how you can take the pressure off!

TRANSFORMATION SOUP. The latest recipe for healing, dealing, and squealing with mango-juicy delight from BG's fave rave watercolor philosopher. Watch as SARK performs a Scully-colorful "relationship autopsy," leaving her with a "companionable silence, a respectfully distant friendship." Slurp this for your soul.

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