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June 23, 2000

24NCW. Props to "NCW," somewhere out Berkeley way, who correctly identified the origin of the band name "24fps" as the name of a feminist film-making collective in the Thomas Pynchon novel Vineland! Your prize: I'll tell everyone you actually read Vineland, rather than just looking here! ;) Thanks for playing.

THE MERMAID PARADE. Tuscany ... Paris ... Coney Island. My favorite place presents what will still be my favorite parade, even when a BG balloon makes it into Macy's.

E-YEARBOOK. Kickass FOBG Carolyn Mackler has -- for lack of a more millennial term -- penned one of the first-ever e-books: The Class of 2000: A Definitive Survey of the New Generation. Based on CBS' four-year "Class of 2000 Project," e-book hit the web yesterday, coinciding with a 48 Hours broadcast on the same topic. The surveys and interviews with over 2300 of this year's high school graduates offer a welcome, in-depth alternative to the snapshot studies and pigeonholing polls twisted into "TEENS [INSERT SHOCKING FACTOID]!" (Though I will say that CBS must have found that "TODAY'S TEENS DO NOT FIND NOTION OF 'E-BOOK' AT ALL WEIRD!")

WHY HAVE THESE WOMEN STOPPED EATING APPLES? The New York Observer reports that hundreds of otherwise healthy women are jamming the waiting room of Manhattan's "hot doc" Brian Meehan. Alas, sources say he's taken, though not necessarily by one of "The Sexpot Dentists." (For tips on stetho-scoping your caregiver, click here.)

NATIONAL FORGIVENESS WEEK...was this week. Forgot to tell you. Can you ever ... well, you know. Click here if you still hold a grudge.

INTERACTIVE YODA. Furby meets the Force in this little gizmo that'll have you lifting your X-Wing out of the swamp in no time. (Oops! More late notice: evidently June 14 was Interactive Yoda Day. I'd say try to forgive me, but there is no "try.") (Oh, and click here and here to read more about BG's fave rave Tiger treats.)

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