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April 2, 1999

BG'S OTHER NEW IT BOY. Dwayne Dopsie, 20, took home the title of "America's Hottest Accordionist" at last week's contest sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association in --where else? BG's future honeymoon destination, after the safari -- Branson. The James-Brown-inspired Metairie native, whose late dad was a zydeco legend, ended his set on his candy-apple red ax by jumping off the stage and landing in a split! "I want to make the accordion an everyday thing. I want to hear on the radio pop and rock and rap and zydeco stations," he told the New York Times. "I'm going to go ahead and change a whole lot of minds." Gregoire, watch this guy.

HIDE THE CHILDREN. Microsoft has just released ActiMates Interactive Teletubbies based on the Laa-Laa and Po Teletubby characters. Dipsy and Tinky Winky dolls set to appear in the summer.

BUT LET THEM OUT FOR THIS. Four adorable new kids-of-all-ages books by San Francisco artist Todd Parr absolutely sent us. Big shapes, primary colors, squiggly lines. The Okay Book tells you it's okay to wear glasses (phew!), look different, and dream big. Do's And Don'ts: DO Brush your teeth with every meal/ DON'T brush with peanut butter (not necessarily the opinion of And more! Plus, BG actually gave the bonus stickers that came in the press kit to someone going through a breakup. She's fine now.

GN NETCOM, INC. There's a lot of high-tech gadgetry over here at the Studio Apartment of Justice, including a spiffy handsfree cordless headset -- a phone AND an intercom -- that Betsy and Paul use to communicate with BG even though she is generally about 3 feet away. This week: crisis! We lost the little pad that makes it not hurt BG's delicate supersensitive ear. Within a few days, GN Netcom had not only returned the message Betsy left in presumed voice mail oblivion, but also sent a new foamy little friend, no questions asked, in a hand lettered envelope! Customer service is not dead!

THE SPICIER GIRLS. Featured in this week's Time, this sextet of preteens performs songs like Edelweiss and Kookaburra for convalescent and nursing-home patients. The only thing I don't adore about them is that I have had the song Kookaburra in my head since Tuesday.

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