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April 23, 1999

SAVION GLOVER fully redeems himself from that ... THING he did in the Oscars with his new downtown tapapalooza. Bring in da date and go, go, go.

"YOU PUT YOUR PROTEST IN..." New York City's Dance Liberation Front plans to encompass City Hall -- in a giant hokey pokey! -- to protest Mayor Giuliani's enforcement of the city's cabaret laws (the lame "Footloose"-ian ones that prohibit dancing in certain bars and clubs). The DLF's may not match the world's largest hokey pokey (which, according to one merry tipster who was actually there, took place up at Cortland State) ... but hey, this one's for a cause. Saturday, April 24, 4 PM (press conference at 3:45), 60 Center Street.

BEN AND JERRY'S FROZEN SMOOTHIES. Breakup Girl is all for fat. But if you happen to be getting all Cathy (or whoever, God forbid, the boy version is) about bathing suit stress, check out B&J's single serving (12 oz.) containers of lo/no fat yogurty/sorbetian goodness like "Tropic of Mango," "Chai Tea Latte," and "Raspberry Renewal." And heck, even if you're not counting calories, they're loaded with extras like Vitamin C and echinacea. (Nurse a cold, if not a breakup.)

"DEAR EXILE." Subtitle: The True Story of Two Friends Separated (For a Year) By an Ocean. A lovely collection of real-life letters between best friends: Kate in Africa/the Peace Corps, and Hilary in New York. Love, loss, marriage, malaria; they offer the reader -- and each other -- wit and poetry, world-rocking new perspective. Now do you wish you'd printed out all those e-mails?

"LIT" GIRLS. Jonesing for a sequel? Is it a trend, or just the personal taste of the new batch of 30-something-female acquisitions editors? In any case, this week's New York magazine rounds up the buzzy batch of books about wry, witty Generation/Chromosome XX singletons*. Hey, that's the story of my life, and I don't get a book. Oh, wait.

THE AGE OF THE BACHELOR. No, it's not something a "Seinfeld type" lies about it a personal ad; it's the socio-cultural companion volume to the above, an "academic-yet-readable" work by hotshot Brown history professor Howard Chudacoff. Within the larger context of "What it Means to Be a Guy," he traces the formation of and attitudes toward Bachelor-as-American-subculture from the seventeeth century to the present. Some of us gals may take pyrrhic pleasure in noting that we are not the only single gender whose culture has considered us "stubborn," "misfits," social outcasts," "unacceptable," etc.

GIRL BOSS: Subtitle: Running the Show Like the Big Chicks -- Entrepreneurial Skills, Stories and Encouragement for Modern Girls ... has a foreword written by the bossiest girl of all, "The X-Files' " Gillian Anderson. Sassy design meets serious, specific info on time management, organization, packaging, promotion and investment, as well as profiles of girl bosses like 18-year-old Manhattanite Aura Dimon, whose do-it-herself clothing line got picked up by Bloomie's. If I'd had this book when I was 13, let's just say I would have been painting barrettes all the way to the bank. Though conceived and developed independently, "Girl Boss" was also named the official book -- dare I say, the official homework, even -- of yesterday's Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

REPLAYTV. The tapeless VCR. Equipped with a random-access hard drive with room for six hours of shows, this TV-of-the-future-today allows you to -- among other keen tricks -- pause a show while you're watching it live and pick up where you left off; meanwhile, it records the rest in real time. Also great for those X-Files "What just happened?" moments during commercials (though then you'd also have to "tape" those swingin' Gap khakis/kids ads).

FIRST DATE WITH P.O.V. This magazine is a good/smart read to begin with, but this month's offers a specimen rarer than The Guy Who Knows How To Go On A First Date (which, contrary to "Lit Girl" complaint, is actually not all that rare): a funny, non-patronizing, and dead-on accurate article telling guys how to go on a first date. Read Sherise Dorf's best-BG's-seen guide and then call for tickets to Glover.

* The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing (Melissa Bank), Run Catch Kiss (Amy Sohn), In the Drink (Kate Christensen), Otherwise Engaged (Suzanne Finnemore), Neurotica (Sue Margolis). [Actually those last two are post-singleton.] Oh, there's also On the Loose (Melissa Roth).

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