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April 30, 1999

ARBOR DAY. You know the problem of starting to date someone before a major gift-giving holiday? Well, today reminds me of the less common, but perhaps more serious, problem of meeting someone just before a non-gift-giving holiday and giving them something anyway, like starting to date someone right before a non-major-gift-giving holiday, and getting them something anyway. Like planting a tree in their honor. Flowers should suffice, really.

THE TEENAGE GUY'S SURVIVAL GUIDE A book a boy would actually read , even if hidden inside Popular Mechanics, just in case. Answers to questions like "What's up with bad teenage mustaches?" and "When will my voice stop squeaking?" -- you know, everything you don't want to ask your parents; plus a quick/handy IRL reference for when you're not logged on here.

BUBBLEOLOGY. Girl moment! Then again, what curmudgeon doesn't love bubbles? Then again, they're smelly bubbles. Aromatherapy bubbles, even, in scents like, um, Love, Happy, Stress-Free, Bedtime, Feel Better, and Save the World. I have no doubt that these can.

THE ZIEGFELD MENACE. Paul's long gone.

LETTERS OF INTENT (Women Cross the Generations to Talk about Family, Work, Sex, Love, and the Future of Feminism). Ever notice how they keep doing cover stories on how the women's movement is dead, which if it truly were, they wouldn't do a cover story on it? Read a collection of letters and responses between young women and admired foremothers who put together (a) more grammatically felicitous sentences than that last one, and (b) a great case -- as if we needed one -- that the waves never stopped rolling.

HOORAY FOR FAT! The New York Times reports that most fancy chefs in NYC use a ton of fat to make stuff taste good. For all you "I'll have a rice cake, poached, parsley on the side" people, well, Rocco DiSpirito "poaches" his halibut in a quart of goose fat! Huzzah! Fear fat not! Bon appetit!

TEEN PREGNANCY. Down. Again. According to a study released yesterday by the National Center for Health Statistics. You stop, girls! (Guys too, natch.)

CRASHING THE NET. Hopefully you've all figured out by now that when you see a woman with hockey equipment, it's not Take Our Boyfriend's Stuff to Work Day. Get the real deal on the badass babes who brought home the gold from Nagano.

ONANISM. Not that kids aren't smart cookies (or onanists), but since this is a family site, I'm ducking behind big words. Just click here. It's a good cause.

SINGLE VOLUNTEERS. You read about the DC chapter on BG's Big To Do, now check out single-volunteering, New York style. They helped throw a benefit that allowed Breakup Girl to go play in FAO Schwartz ... at night! Very Basil E. Frankweiler. Check 'em on out.


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