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May 14, 1999

BG.COM'S OTHER IT BAND. Les Sans Culottes -- who are all American -- play groovy retro Austin Powerpop ... in French. Mais c'est genial! Shagadelique!

MANDROID'S BEST FRIEND. Sony has released a new robot dog named Aibo ("companion"): Tamagotchi meets Furby meets Snoopy. It barks, it plays, it obeys. Okay, cute. Though the way I see it, if I had $2000 to spend on my own Astro, I'd have enough money (+ space, hired help, etc.) to own a ... dog.

PHANTOM PREVIEWS. Think Gregoire was our only hope? No. There is another.

"HIGH MILEAGE MOMS." A report based on federal transportation data analyzed by the nonprofit Surface Transportation Policy Project shows that women with children spend an average of 66 minutes a day carpooling and driving to errands (single moms, 75 minutes). The STPP is using the findings to make a case against urban sprawl. I say they should team up with the walking lobby.

BRYAN WINTER. Don't say I didn't warn you. (See "DORKWEED.")

AMY'S OUT. And Mary Jo is this week's poster girl for forgiveness.

LISA LING. This 25-year-old reporter, just hired for The View, fills the space Debbie Matenopulous never really occupied in the first place.

IN THE FORESTS OF THE NIGHT. 15-year-old writer/Wiccan Amelia Atwater-Rhodes -- call her Anne Rice meets Willow -- works her magic in this upscale vampire tale.

"I'M NOT MAD, I JUST HATE YOU!" (Subtitle: A New Understanding of Mother-Daughter Conflict.) Wise stuff. I read it 'cause Breakup Mom told me not to.

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