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May 21, 1999

VOTE YES ON WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE. This week, Kuwaiti's Cabinet granted women the right to vote and run for Parliament. (If the new Parliament lets the decision stand, women will be able to vote in general elections in 2003.) Um, who-hoo!?

SINGLES IN AGRICULTURE. You think us city mice have it rough; try being a bachelor farmer with 140 Holsteins, 20-hour days, no neighbors for miles, and no slush fund for travel. This organization -- with 1300 members in more than 40 states -- offers solace and socials to single farmers who know that green acres is a place for two.

SLOW FOOD. If you think McBagels are the real phantom menace, check out this organization dedicated to reclaiming our right to "sensual pleasure and slow, long lasting enjoyment" by promoting family dining, fresh seasonal foods, and regional cuisines. If they set up singles' events -- hey, with farm cooking!!! -- I'm so there.

GIRLS ON FILM. "Not your father's film guide!" The girls from talk you through indies and blockbusters, romance and horror, with sidebars like "I Am a Huge Wuss" and Unintentionally Funniest Movies. (My vote: "Showgirls." The hardest I've ever laughed with Paul the Intern. Which is saying a lot.)

BIG NIGHT OUT. Remember "Choose Your Own Adventure?" Well, this is Choose Your Own...Pub Crawl. Choose Your Own...Poison. With options like "If you say 'two margaritas, please," turn to page 183. It's pretty lascivious, but it's nice to think that people might actually read now that Melrose is gone.

THE PHYSICS OF SUNSET. "A poignant yet blisteringly smart satire of the mores and social manners of today's Berkeley." All I know is, that's where Peet's is.

A GIRLS' GUIDE TO HUNTING AND FISHING. You gotta love a teenage heroine -- see her grow up through the book's intertwining short stories -- who, when her brother asks if she's tried the book he gave her by a Norwegian philosopher, says, "Yeah. I spent about a month reading it one afternoon."

MISS UNIVERSE 1999. The Pageant -- I'm sorry, Scholarship Competition -- is Wednesday in Trinidad. Should be almost as funny as the forthcoming movie "Drop Dead Gorgeous."

STAR WARS WIDOWS. "As their mates obsess over movies, these women find their relationships crushed under the weight of the Force." Wonder if anyone will even notice when I go (Monday). Harrumph.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOB. Dylan turns 58 on Monday. Oooh, sorry, did I just make some of you feel really old?

THE OY OF SEX: JEWISH WOMEN WRITE EROTICA. Don't worry, Breakup Mom, I didn't READ it.

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