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May 28, 1999

THE SINGLE FUGITIVE. America's Most Wanted meets Where's Waldo: on the new "Fox on the Run," viewers use clues from the AMW website to track down fashion consultant Toni Senecal in cities all over the country. "I haven't been dating since I've been on the lam," Senecal told TV Guide. "Fugitives don't have much of a social life. I had one boyfriend who was not down with that program at all. I was working at NBC at the time and I meet and know a ton of people. He just couldn't deal. You need a very secure man, no doubt about that." Indeed. Call it "Who in the World Would Date Carmen Sandiego?"

BODY SLAM: THE JESSE VENTURA STORY. BG is sorry she missed the booksigning last week in DC, where guests enjoyed Jesse the Body Shots, Jesse the Mind Erasers, and Minnesota Viking Beer Chugs. Also, the notion of Austin: A Stone Cold's Throw from the White House is all of a sudden not so outlandish.

LOVE JET. A Japanese inventor  -- who also claims to have invented the floppy disk -- has unveiled a new spray-on libido booster, said to work by helping the body release the sex hormone DHEA ... all without the side effects of Viagra (which, to be fair, has no effect on the ozone layer). Yoshiro NakaMats also claims that Love Jet improves memory. (As in "Makes me remember why I married you.")

THE SIXTH SENSE. Scientists seem to have found evidence of a sixth sense (a bit of an oxymoron, if you think about it) in humans -- the molecular memo from our hypothalamus that says things like, oh, "Schwing!" Anyway, our Belleruth could have told you that.

NOT JUST A GOOD IDEA. A German newspaper said Wednesday that Germany's Green Party has demanded that it be legally required for men to do an equal share of the housework. Hey, someone tell 'em what smart cookie NY marriage therapist Sharyn Wolf has found in her own research: men who do housework live longer (less artery-tightening stress and conflict, better feelings about marriage), have happier children (less resentment at home), and have partners who initiate sex (when relationships feel "fair," women are more inclined to be attuned to and act on their desire). ("Oooh, Mr. Clean, I'm feeling dirty...")

A BIG DAY FOR BULLS. Cristina Sanchez who made history as Spain's first female champion bullfighter, has withdrawn from her fights this season. What can I say? About her -- much like the babes over at the Citadel -- I've always had mixed feelings. (1) Go, girl! (2) What is she thinking?!

SLAYER DELAY. More than we can say for "Idle Hands:" the WB postponed airing of the season finale's second half --- in which the Mayor was to morph into a 60-foot serpent and attacks the students -- "out of sympathy and compassion for the families and communities that have been devastated by the recent senseless acts of violence perpetrated on high school campuses." Also, presumably, to prevent copycats.

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