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June 4, 1999

IT'S A GOALIE! Congratulations to "First Lady of Professional Hockey" Manon Rheaume,who just gave birth to a baby boy. I kinda just wish she'd had a girl first, so that for once in history, the big sister could force the little brother to play goalie.

HERE LIES MY HEART. This anthology -- subtitledEssays on Why We Marry, Why We Don't, and What We Find There -- is the kind of book that even weary people wondering Why I'm Reading About Marriage Instead of Doing It will want to read. Highlight: Marjorie Ingall's "Going to the Temple:" "Marrying Jonathan means trying to figure out how to turn a patriarchal institution into something that does not harsh my feminist mellow." And so she does. (I know; I was there.)

SHARON STONE IS NOT THEIR SPOKESPERSON. Last week (sorry!) was the Venastat Great American Cross-Out, which called for women to stop crossing their legs for one day. Why? Apparently it leads to bad circulation (blood, not social). According to Venastat's research, 45% of American women cross their legs most or nearly all the time. Most of those (72%) say it's just a habit; 59% say it's flirting. And 70% of men say it works. I say "Your legs are your friends; keep them together."

THE CURSE. Karen Houppert disposes properly of the myths still surrounding "The Last Unmentionable Taboo: Menstruation." Click here to order the BG-endorsed companion item.

SEEING RED. Last Friday, Brenda Lucas was required to tone her hair down from flaming red to auburn before she could participate in graduation exercises at the Paris, KY Bourbon County High School, whose dress code restricts dyed hair to "natural colors." Good thing BG wasn't the commencement speaker.

THE SCALPEL AND THE SILVER BEAR. Out next week: the memoir of Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord, the nation's first Navajo woman surgeon, who describes how she challenges her culture's taboo against invasive handling of others while also honoring the Navajo philosophy of harmony and balance.

THAT GIRL'S BACK! If you think Bridget Jones is retro (which she isn't), keep in mind that in 1966, "That Girl" -- a young woman on her own! -- was scandalous. Here's your chance to relive these dark/perky ages: nine episodes are now available on video.

GET A GRIP. Yes, we've come a long way, baby. But even superheroes sometimes need help opening jars. (My hands are small.) Don't fail us, guys: open this month's Men's Health to p. 26 for some grip-strengthening curls and twists you can do at the gym while we...mow the lawn.

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