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June 18, 1999

FROM GIRLS TO GRRRLZ. Subtitle: A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines. Here's your chance to see where all those ironic retro clip-arty comics actually came from! And where Breakup Girl will now get more ideas for her True Confessions captions ("I was a love gypsy!")! And how those all evolved into wimmin's and grrrl's zines! With stunning color reprints, Trina Robbins connects the, um, Little Dots that have filled in girls' worlds for decades.

WHITE GLOVES. Subtitle: Coming of Age with Hillary's Class--Wellesley '69. Superimpose this book on the girl-comics history, and you'll see that Hillary and Co. entered to "Get Your Ring Before Spring" and graduated to "Suburban Subversion." Read this book to find out where they went from there (Lady Justice?).

I BRAKE FOR FAIRIES. In Latoon, County Clare, Ireland, Eddie Lenihan is working to protect a tree from demolition for a highway bypass. Why? It is a fairy bush, he says, a meeting place for supernatural sprites; cut it down and they will curse the road. Fabulously enough, there is, in fact, precedent in Ireland for fairy-based highway rerouting.This whole thing is way better, I say, than Midsummer Night's Dream (the movie, I mean).

THE BOOK OF THE PENIS. A lively socio-cultural-medical-historical volume about which I cannot write a blurb without a single double entendre, so you'd better just read it yourselves.

FATHERS' DAY. The media image of Dad-in-the-Den-Knows-Best is largely a thing of the past, according to a new study. In an art-imiates-life-imitates-art sort of way, this is bad, says Don Eberly, chair of The National Fatherhood Initiative: "At a time when children badly need fathers ... the networks portray them as missing, confused, aloof, or completely uninformed." If you ask me, we need more dads to get their kids to watch less TV.

MIA HAMM. The Cammi Granato of soccer -- who's got a new book, her own sneaker, and a bone marrow disease foundation with her name on it -- will lead the US team's bid for the 1999 Women's World Cup. All that and N'Sync at tomorrow's opening ceremonies!

SENSUAL CELIBACY. Subtitle: The Sexy Woman's Guide to Using Abstinence for Recharging Your Spirit, Discovering Your Passions, and Achieving Greater Intimacy in Your Next Relationship. I know what you're thinking: "Breakup Girl, what if my abstinence is, um, enforced by other factors?" Right. One option: use this book to "choose" rather than default to it.

LIGHTSABER DUEL. Note to self: B-Day gift for Paul.

SUPERBUTLERS. Britain's largest butler school is offering a new course in "superbutlering"-- training Jeeves-to-bes in kickboxing, helicoptering, evasive driving, and the like. Note to self: B-Day gift for Betsy.

HIGH FIVE. America's favorite bounty hunter -- call her Boba Fette -- is back! This time, Stephanie Plum signs on as an intern to a Super Bounty Hunter Ranger and gets into various scrapes involving theft, murder, and olive loaf bologna in the dark underbelly of Trenton, New Jersey. All that and nothing to wear to the Mafia wedding.

CHEATERS. A chronicle of love, friendship, and lack thereof among LA buppies. (Hey, did you know that author Eric Jerome Dickey launched this second career after being "downsized" from a job in the aerospace industry. Sometimes writing does take a rocket scientist. )

DISNEY FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS. How about a Tarzan wedding? "Me do."

FRIEND.LINK This little egg-shaped gadget sends messages via radio waves. Should make the Sixteen Candles note-interception problem obsolete.

SHAG, v. The term will be added to the next version of The Encarta World English Dictionary. In case you're wondering, "it's an offensive term referring to sexual intercourse. Late 18th Century. Origin unknown." (So no, it wasn't the first Austin.)

ST. 'NET. The Vatican is considering a move to create a patron saint of the Internet; the frontrunner is rumored to be St Isidore of Seville -- credited with creating the 20-volume encyclopedia considered to be the world's first database -- who died 1,400 years ago. Can't wait for the rumble between Isidore and St. Claire of Assisi, patron saint of TV.

OFFICIAL FIRST DAY OF SUMMER. Monday. Have you a blast.

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