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August 6,

MOONLITE DRIVE IN. Turns 50 this year, and it's still only $4. (Of course I remember when movies were $2.50 and did not sell brioche or nachos.) The venue has been the subject of at least two country songs, both of which are played by owner William Booker before each show, and everyone sings along. As long as they ban Adam Sandler movies, I say this means that civilization is not dead.

FRIDAY NIGHT JAMBOREE. Civilization is also alive and well at the Floyd County Store in Floyd, VA, home of a free downhome oldtime bluegrass hootenanny every weekend.

FINGER FUMES. Scented polishes come in Cake Batter and Just Mowed Grass. I want garlic.

FRIENDSHIP DAY -- Not to be confused with "Friendship" Day -- was August 1. Oops! Well, shouldn't every day be friendship day?

SOMETHING NEW. This month's Glamour (p. 148) -- and author Eileen Livers -- help brides bag the gewgaws their guests hate most: instead of hiking your skirt and tossing your garter (eeuw!) to the next ex-bachelor-to-be, toss a symbolic "little black book" instead of playing dodge-bouquet, hand it to the guest who's been married the longest (probably one of my classmates).

LUCY SULLIVAN IS GETTING MARRIED. There's just one little detail she has to work out.

SURF & SOUL. Here's where to meet your SJS.

NEVER MIND, I'LL JUST COOK AT HOME TONIGHT. Call any of Lidia Bastianich's New York restaurants (Felidia, Becco, Frico Bar), and you get cooking tips -- how to keep olive oil fresh, marinate raw swordfish, etc. -- instead of soupy tunes.

MARK ANTHONY. I gave up seeing my boyfriend at the Roseland Wednesday night so that I could rehearse for you. That's me, Breakup "Career Comes First" Girl! But he understood, on account of he doesn't know I exist.

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