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August 27, 1999

GATES /gayts/, BILL (b. 1955) U.S. entrepreneur. Microsoft's new Encarta dictionary includes a photo of its founding father -- but not, say, of JFK. This whole thing sounds very Windows 1984 to me.

RESTAURANT SAUL. Shop on Smith Street -- Brooklyn's snappy answer to SoHo -- 'til you drop in on Saul. Better yet, make a DATEdate there for original bistro fare with aphrodisiac deets (lavender ice cream!). In fact, you might need to knock on Stacia's door for her famed "overnight duffel." Saul, 140 Smith Street, 718-935-9844.

IT'S A PANDA! Bai Yun of the San Diego Zoo is the proud mom of the first giant panda born in the US in 10 years. Keep your fingers crossed: pandas have a mortality rate of 60% at birth because of the risk of disease and of accidentally getting crushed by their mother.

CREEPY DADDY. Adam Sandler has created a 6-minute animated comedy scheduled to debut -- exclusively on the net -- on Labor Day weekend. Fine. Cool. Whatever. But did I mention that the film, called "The Peeper," is the story of a 40-year-old regular guy -- played by Sandler -- with a family, who climbs into a tree to watch a girl watch tv ... ? Says Sandler's co-producer, Alan Covert, "It's not X-rated. You're not watching the girl shower or undress. His excitement comes from watching her do tedious things: walk around the room, pick her up mail ... He gets his comeuppance in the end." Oh, in that case.

BROWSER AND A MOVIE. Meanwhile, the What Dreams May Come people have found paradise on the Internet: their next film will be released initially on the web next May. Just think: synch up with a beau and you can have a movie date without having to see each other!

WHITE WEDDINGS. It's a nice day for a ... book critiquing "the pervasive influence of weddings in our culture and the important role they play in maintaining the romance of heterosexuality, the myth of white supremacy, and the insatiable appetite of consumer capitalism."

THE MAGAZINE DIET. According to a new study presented at this week's APA convention, only a subset of girls -- those with the most preexisting body dissatisfaction and least go-girl reinforcement from family and peers -- react Calistically to glossyskinnycool advertising. Dr. Eric Stice, a lead researcher, said the results suggest that providing a supportive, nurturing environment for developing youth seems to buffer them against a whole variety of mental and physical health problems, including eating disorders." Like, not watching girls from trees.

THE REAL TAILHOOK '99. Went off without a hitch.(Except for the fact that they bussed the wives to a cooking Planet Hollywood.

SHE ARE NOT AMUSED. A study presented this month to the Academy of Management suggests that humor stimulates workplace performance among men better than it does among women. Well sure, if the folks in the study were also a focus group for "The Peeper." Okay, I'll stop now.

A.J. IN THE CITY. According to New York magazine, here's how Entertainment Weekly senior tv writer AJ Jacobs recently proposed to his girlfriend: "He contacted the stars of her favorite show, Sex and the City, and asked them to read from a script that he had drafted. Then he got a hold of an advance episode and spliced in his personal proposal scene. When he and [Julie Schoenberg] settled in to view the tape, there was Sarah Jessica Parker, mid-episode, saying 'My relationship with Mr. Big was going nowhere, and I had no possibility with AJ Jacobs, because he wants to marry Julie Schoenberg.'" I think someone should propose to me this way on the X-Files this way. Rather, I think someone on the X-Files should propose to me.

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