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September 24, 1999

NATIONAL SINGLES WEEK. Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do. Found out about this a week late, on account of I've been so busy with my career. Well, there you go.

MARRIAGE HEALTH MONTH. Oh. While I'm on the subject, it seems that it's also Marriage Health Month. I guess the folks who released American Beauty people didn't know that either. After you see it, click here.

"THIS SEASON, THERE'S STILL A REAL FOCUS ON THE NECK." BG's fave rave vampire slayer has traded in her cross necklace for Austrian crystal and silver beads on "illusion wire." Buffycize by visiting jewelry designer Peggy Li. PS: Did anyone, anyone tape last Tuesday's episode? I was working late and spaced. See what I mean?

THE MALE BODY. In what the Times has "a called grand, often hilarious Baedeker of beefcake and its discontents," Pulitzer nominee Susan Bordo takes "A New Look at Men in Public and Private," dissecting icons and images of masculinity such as "the lean, fit body that virtually everyone, gay and straight, aspires to" (witness the recent pumping-up of concern about G.I. Joe envy)." Now do you guys know how we feel? (For more about what men think about what they're accused of thinking with, click here.)

STIFFED. Susan Faludi's latest: Men and the feminists who feel their pain.

DOUBLE TALL MOCHA SKIM CHAI T-1. San Francisco's new uber-cyber-Starbucks is: Circadia, where high-octane cuppas meets high-speed connections -- along with literature readings and live music. Mark my words: will inspire the locus of the next "Two Guys, a Girl, and Cyberspace."

MYHELPDESK.COM. It's no house call from the Geek Squad, but it does provide access to support, boards, and other tech solutions. (If your e-lover hasn't "called," that's still a question for me.)

THE DIXIE CHICKS. Best vocal group! Amazing chops, excellent hair. I just good ol'-fashioned adore them.

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