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October 1, 1999

PASSION BAIT. Call it Henry & June's Secret: this downtown NYC lingerie company's catalog is an accurate homage to the plain-green-wraper paperbacks published beginning in the 30s by Paris' tres dirty Olympia Press. (212-460-9854)

THE FIRST STONE. This past Monday, Newt Gingrich's estranged wife Marilyn filed a motion to force the former Speaker to provide all the deets on his affairs, plural, and an answer to the question: "Do you believe that you have conducted your private life in this marriage in accordance with the concept of 'family values' you have espoused politically?"

BREAKUP: THE END OF A LOVE STORY. Now in paperback, "Breakup is a letter that one should write to one's ex but never send" (NY Times). Or publish?

RHYME. Last week we told you how to accessorize like a slayer ... now doll up like a superhero! Betsy and BG -- who enjoy chicken fried steak and shooting cans off the porch railing with BBs as much as the next guy -- are sent into girlicious tizzies by the jewelry designs (rings, hair goodies, and more) of Kazusa Jibiki. (212-213-2954)

A MAPPLETHORPE GROWS IN BROOKLYN. In a highly artistic interpretation of the first amendment, Mayor Giuliani has vowed to withhold funding from the Brooklyn Museum of Art if they proceed with a controversial new exhibit. Doesn't he know he's just making them more money?

BEDTIME. Not the stuff of Passion Bait, these 365 Nightly Readings for Passion & Romance are just highfalutin' enough not to feel like porn, but still hot enough that I'll get teased if I leave the book on my desk.

GEEKMOBILE. Still not as cool as this.

FREAKS & GEEKS. My generation: this is your life. Also, your closet. Now let's lobby to get it moved to a less, um, unpopular time slot.

TUCKER THE SKEPTIC SLAYER. If you still don't get that Buffy is anything but guilty-pleasure Dawson's-Crypt camp, read TV critic Ken Tucker's profound homage in this weeks's EW ("...grownups ... are entranced and moved by this show ... Buffy is about adolescence whose form and content are never themselves adolescent ... If there is one salient quality that distinguishes this show from all the teeming teen shows this fall, it is respect: respect for the series' young protagonists, but also, more broadly, for life — for its preciousness and precariousness."). Then read the sidebar by his 17-year-old daughter: "...once a week in my very own home, two teenage girls and their father sit in front of the TV for the purpose of watching (get this) the same show." Stake that, Mr. Gingrich.

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