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November 24, 1999

KU-WHAT? So much for my previous "Who-hoo!" Kuwait's Parliament, rejecting an edict of the emir, voted resoundingly against granting women the right to vote and run for office. Hey, did the women have a say in this -- ? Oh, wait.

2 BUFFY 2 B 4GOTTEN. The Sunnydale High Yearbook -- miraculously, written by people who actually understand the slayer gestalt -- gives me that "I'm a little too close to this show" feeling that I actually went there, too.

DATING: A SURVIVAL GUIDE FROM THE FRONTLINES. "...Why do we even bother? Because, despite the frustration and confusion, deep down, no one really wants to go it alone. And let's face it, it'd be nice to have someone to feed the pigeons with when the eyesight starts to go." BG's canuck colleague Josey Vogels is one of the rare few who manage not to turn the Single Thing into a bitter bummer. Oh, Canada!

FROGS ARE FROM BOGS. The Celestine Prophecy meets The Princess Bride in The Frog Prince, a Kermitian allegory for truly powerful partnership. (Now discuss.)

"I LOVE YOU A BURNING BUSHEL AND A PECK." Last week, Clifford Cohen rented a Cessna and planned to fly his fiancee-to-be over 70 bales of hay he'd used to spell MARRY ME. When his friends' headlights failed to provide ample illumination, he lit the letters on fire. She said yes; the neighbors called the fire department. Another one (see "Britney Spears") taking pop lyrics literally.

LOVERS: GREAT ROMANCES OF OUR TIME THROUGH THE EYES OF LEGENDARY WRITERS. Bogey and Bacall, Rivera and Kahlo, Rocky and Adrienne, Shirley and Carmine.

ROMANTIC DECEPTION: THE SIX SIGNS HE'S LYING. #7: This book's on his nightstand.

MARC ANTHONY GOES PLATINUM! Hey, you need to know.

DUMMIES FOR DUMMIES. Crazy little thing called "id" —In Battling the Inner Dummy, "David Weiner takes us inside this primitive realm of the brain to explore how its thirst for status, sex, territory and attachment can lead seemingly normal people to outrageous behavior." Oh sure, maybe his friends.

BOO.COM. Unreadably hip sports- and streetwear. Site doesn't work on Mac. Boo!

JON STEWART TURNS 37 THIS SUNDAY. "Happy Birthday, Mister Daily Show ... "

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