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December 31, 1999

SuperLast installment of the Millennium!

SAVE FREAKS AND GEEKS! This is your chance to make up for your high school years as a freak, geek, or freak/geek tormentor. Resolve to tune in to BG's faverave new show -- on a new, less lame night! -- Monday, January 10 at 8 PM on NBC; the network will decide the show's fate based on that night's ratings! As the producers wrote in a special 911 e-mail: "We need you to call or write or e-mail or all of the above to your friends, co-workers, acquaintances, plumbers, the guy who sells you gas... pretty much anybody you know who has a TV, and tell them to tune in and watch 'Freaks and Geeks' when it comes back on in January. And it's not like you're asking them to do something terrible. Time Magazine, TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly have all put us on their lists of 'The Ten Best Television Shows of 1999.' Also, you can treat the Internet as your soapbox for 'Freaks and Geeks.' Talk about us in chat rooms and any other message boards and online forums to put the word on the streets. It's our best way to reach a lot of people. We really, really, really appreciate your support and hope to be on the air for a long time as a result of your help in letting the world know about 'Freaks and Geeks.'"

WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE? The search has begun nationwide for contestants for this forthcoming television pageant. Did someone set Fox's computers back 100 years? (Here's the way to do it for love.)


CHECK YOUR PREDJUDICES. In other recruiting news, the New York City Lions, run by the -- who knew!? -- New York City Gay Hockey Association is looking for new skaters. Lions do, after all, travel in a pride.

KEEPING IT IN YOUR GENES? BG has belatedly unearthed Salon's thinking-with-its-brain piece on scientists' promising work with a male [prairie vole] monogamy gene, which, when injected into promiscuous mice, seems to make them settle down. But no facile har-hars about excuses ("But honey, it's genetic!") or therapies (adding it to drinking water?) here; instead, columnist Virginia Vitzthum found in an informal survey that married guys would rather maintain drug-free fidelity. "Fantasy, trust and the struggle to stay faithful make a bracing cocktail that these husbands would not want to dilute," she says. "These guys suggest that sexual denial can be rich and conscious and paradox-embracing, not just Puritanical repression or blind submission to a social more. Their reflections give the lie to biological determinism as well: Human maleness is not a disease to be cured, and monogamy can be something better than the path of least resistance."

RESOLVE NOW TO CELEBRATE NATIONAL GET ALONG WITH YOUR EX MONTH. The founder of this July observance has just published an empathetic, pratical staying-civil-for-the-kids coping guide called Taking the High Road. Well, there you go.

DID MOST "ATHLETE OF THE CENTURY" LISTS MISS HER? In this month's Women's Sports & Fitness, Andrew Postman profiles "Babe" Didrickson, who "held world, Olympic, or American records in five different track events, then took up golf and won 82 tournaments while helping found the LPGA...;" she also won championships in basketball, speed skating, cycling, squash, shooting and billiards." But don't worry, when I tell you to find a hobby, like a sport, you can -- like the other Babe -- pick just one.

NEW YEAR'S ROCKIN' EVE. Tiffany has unveiled the "Lucida" -- its first new engagement ring design since 1886 -- for the avalanche of Will-Yous sure to take place tonight (suggesting that happy couples-to-be will have to wait until 2086 for an available caterer).

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