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October 21

Listen Sister, Don’t Date a Hipster

Filed under: pop culture,Treats — posted by Breakup Girl @ 2:36 pm

Presenting Menage a Twang: BG’s new fav-o-rite local band!

P.S. Our spy, who saw them the other night, reports that they also sang (not from the album) “Your Love is Like Time Warner Cable.” (You know, as in, “I hate you but can’t live without you.”) Other titles included I’ll Only Support Your Art for So Long, Find Me on Facebook, I Don’t Want to Hold Your Baby, The Pantsuit, and Your Boyfriend Has a Boyfriend.
P.P.S. New Yorkers in inter-borough relationships, please do not miss Weekend Service Changes.
P.P.S.S. Attention concert bookers: Menage a Twang + Rob Paravonian = music comedy heaven.

September 10

Ode to oversharers

Filed under: Comedy,pop culture — posted by Breakup Girl @ 9:58 am

Please enjoy — if not tweet — this APB about TMI from FOBG Rob Paravonian*:

* That’s him playing and singing on all the BG animation!

March 6

“Fear of Flying”

Filed under: Animation — posted by Chris @ 8:43 am

Breakup Girl is the superhero that saves love lives the world over! But what about her own? When she meets the mighty Man-Guy, you will believe that sparks can fly.

DISCLAIMER: “Fear of Flying” was animated in the more innocent time before September 11th, when crashing-planes, though a questionable source of humor, was not yet completely off-limits.

Unlike our two-minute advice-centric shorts, this 7-minute cartoon — a pilot for a proposed second season of cartoons on Oxygen — accurately renders Breakup Girl’s comic adventures. Tragically, our team was laid off before this cartoon could even air, and it did not resurface online until 2003, when we reclaimed the the rights to BG.

This cartoon features a super turn by Rob Paravonian (yes, that Rob Paravonian) as Defender Stratocaster; And as of last Monday we can say 24‘s Johnathan McClain as Man-Guy!

November 4

Stop reading this blog

Filed under: Advice,News — posted by Breakup Girl @ 9:15 am

…and go vote!

Yes, this is a Breakup Girl issue.  Voting is participating, reminding us that we are part of — and have a stake in — something larger than ourselves. This can be a comfort if we are single and/or smarting, as well as a reminder that who we are and what we consider important has an impact on others: whether those in our Palm Pilots, or those in power.

Plus, you can always meet someone while you’re waiting in line.

Bonus! If you’ve already voted, here’s your toy surprise: a BG-relevant — and patriotic — video from super-FOBG Rob Paravonian

February 11

The Rant Heard ‘Round The World

Filed under: Comedy — posted by Chris @ 12:51 pm

We knew him when! Our pal Rob Paravonian was an integral part of the Breakup Girl Live show at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC where he originated the Breakup Girl Theme. He’s also the inspiration for Defender Stratocaster, and voiced one of our cartoons. NOW he’s an Internet superstar, where his million-view YouTube video is getting TRANSLATED INTO GERMAN.

Rob P does indeed Rock!

January 5

Will there be a Back to the Future 4?

Filed under: Celebrities,Comedy,pop culture,Treats — posted by Breakup Girl @ 8:14 am

He’s no Rob P., but major points for putting this to music!

“Actor Tom Wilson, known better as time traveling bully Biff from the Back to the Future, gets asked the same BTTF questions so often, he’s put the answers to music. So butthead, any hope for a fourth film?”

Via io9.


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