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January 19, 1998   CONTINUED e-mail e-mail to a friend in need


And in case anyone was wondering...

Dear Breakup Girl,

I think I just read a letter to you from my (now) ex...I guess I got my answer! (See "John" in the Mid-Week Bonus Column.) Yes, I'm the vacation girl (I think). I'm still not sure if that message was written by my (ex) guy, but the name and details are right, and anyway, it totally applies to our situation. From this end, life is tough. but I guess it's better to have it out and have it over than to keep it all inside.

Anyway, me and my (now) ex are still planning to go away together. I asked for advice on the discussion board and someone suggested that I sell my ticket to one of his friends, but we're staying with my uncle so that's not really practical. But I did ask him if he would rather not go, but he's totally excited about it and I suspect we'll have a really good time as friends if only I can remain sensible.

Well, my best friend and I decided that if I was going to have any chance at winning this guy back, I'd need a new wardrobe -- so several shopping trips later I am a new grrl. The real problem is how to stay sane and also charming, gorgeous, glamorous, carefree...while I'm pining for him and sleeping in the next bedroom (instead of together). If you have any advice I would love a reply!

Anyway, since breaking up a week ago today, the best thing has been a little time spent with all the other casualties at the BG site. Reading the advice has helped me get some perspective on all of this. Also, I never knew just how many people break up everywhere around the world every day!


Dear Mia,

Oh, vacation girl. You do seem pretty jaunty about this whole thing, which is great. It's almost like you got the consolation prize on a bizarre game show: "Our winner will receive...this spectacular engagement ring! And as for you, Mia...well, to thank you for playing, we're going to send you ... to fabulous Puerto Vallarta! But, Mia, you won't be alone on those fabulous beaches, because we're sending along ... your ex-boyfriend!"

But here's the thing: Breakup Girl told vacation boy that nothing is less romantic than a romantic vacation with someone who's planning to dump you. Now that I know you guys are going, let me amend that: nothing is more romantic than a romantic vacation with someone you just broke up with. If you think you guys aren't totally going to hook up - especially what with your shopping sprees and all - you're nuts. Here's the word of caution: in this situation, Puerto Vallarta is not reality. Whatever sunset-and-margarita influenced episodes and influences occur on vaca ... well, they might be evidence of a reunion, but they might not. You've been hurt once; I just don't want you to go through the pain of dashed hopes.

This means: go with my blessing, but please please please, apply SPF 50 liberally to your heart.

Breakup Girl



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