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And now, a special BG FYI.
While I don't agree with every line (see above), I do agree with the bottom line.
Take home -- or out on dates, or up to your new loft -- whatever's useful for you.

Dear Breakup Girl,

I know I am going to get in trouble for asking this, but why is it that all i ever hear from girls is "my boyfriend doesn't love me," or "he cheated on me" -- yet these women stay with their men. Why do girls put up with all of the stuff these guys do to them? Why is it that women are too preoccupied with getting a "totally hot guy" rather than a witty, funny, smart, average looking guy? When are women going to realize that there are very few of the perfect combination? I mean honestly, women, what is the deal? Maybe it is the fact that I am just a guy who sits around and watches all his friends get screwed over, but I don't get it. Women, there are plenty of nice guys out there just waiting to be met. I should know, I hang out with a lot of them. Sure you can say that guys only look at the physical attractiveness of a women, but that is because you put up with it. I enjoy this website a lot, but some of the questions are silly. When are some of the ladies going to wake up? Until women are going to stop trying to get together with the "hot" jerks of the world, they should just accept that something bad is going to happen. I think it is all silly, and that you should stop blaming the guys who you let treat you like that for your problems. If you don't like they way they treat you, leave. I understand if things just don't work out or what have you, but don't sit around in a bad relationship wondering what to do. just get out of there, and start looking for the kind of guys that you deserve.




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