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Dumpzilla Attacks!
BG teams up with Defender Stratocaster to soothe this bitter beast (who cut a slimy swath of destruction across all of breakupgirl.net!).

It's a Wonderful Site
A visit from a guardian angel shows Chris he's the richest cartoonist in town.

Happy Birthday, Breakup Girl!
Turning ... 30 ... losing ... strength ... Can BG regain her powers in time to dis LadiesMan?

There's Something About Jane
Can BG bring the millennium's most unattainable woman out of her full metal shell?

Mixed Messages
More powerful than a locomotive: the perfect mix tape. BG learns from the master.

Ten Things I Hate About Being Breakup Girl
Meeting Man-Guy isn't one of them.

Breakup Girl Friday
When BG hires more help, will she actually have a weekend?

The Blair Witch Projection
BG and Man-Guy disappear in the woods, putting them in touch with Paul's worst fears.

Breakup Girl in Space
BG explores love's final frontier!

Breakup World
Love rules ... but is Man-Guy willing to follow?

Ghost Ex
Breakup Girl Friday is spooked by restless -- and really cute -- memories.

Super Breakup!
Will the super-ones ever find The One?

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