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Breakup Girl LIVE (1998-2000) brought BG's adventures and entourage to Gotham Comedy Club's stage, selling out month after month and becoming Gotham's longest-running variety show. In a show-within-a-show (a la The Muppet Show), Breakup Girl/Lynn Harris (a la Kermit) attempted to keep the acts -- NYC's top standup and sketch comedians -- moving along while dealing with "behind the scenes" disaster: Miss Fling (Kate Mayfield) leads everyone unto temptation, BG's uber-ex (Todd Wilkerson) shows up in the crowd, Becky the Techie (Jill Anderson) dumps Paul the Intern... onstage!

Written and developed collaboratively by the cast (with Chris Kalb), Breakup Girl LIVE also starred Betsy Fast as Breakup Girl Friday, Greg Young as Gregoire, Colin Lingle as Barry9286 (BG's online suitor) and, of course, musical director/rock star Rob Paravonian (alter-ego of Defender Stratocaster).

What turned out to be our second-to-last show featured a special visit from Jerry Seinfeld -- his first standup performance since leaving TV.

Breakup Girl LIVE was originally directed by Julina Tatlock and later by Jason Jacobs.

What the critics are saying about Breakup Girl:

"Breakup Girl has become a star"
The New York Times

"Breakup Girl is fast becoming tres hip"

"Everybody's hero ...Lynn Harris/ Breakup Girl, warrior of the wounded heart and comedian for the lovelorn masses ... cracks wise about love, loss and redemption"
Time Out New York

"Harris proves her outstanding comedic talent... [she] has clearly hit on something here."


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