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February 24, 2000

You &... Marti Noxon
Head Writer and Supervising Producer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Consulting Producer for Angel


Questions for "The Powers That Be"

7) Jennifer C. asks, "Are Buffy's ass-kicking abilities and infallible fashion sense irrevocably intertwined? Do they go together like peanut butter and chocolate, or would a thrift-store Buffy hand out as much of a smarting wallop? A quandary."

I think a thrift-store Buffy would find a way to kick butt and be just as "of-the-now" in her look. It's tres chic on the young, no? It's only when you get older that it looks like you can't afford new clothes.

8) Kidijah asks, "What was the best show that you have written?"

I don't know if it's the best, but I can say that my upcoming all sock-puppet Buffy is really exciting to me.

9) Gloribelle asks, "Both Buffy and Angel have become incredibly popular among teens, children, and adults. Was this what you had in mind when you [joined Buffy] or did you think that only children would watch the show because it is about vampires?"

I joined after the first 13 episodes, and what's interesting to me is that we hardly ever talk about an adult audience versus kids or what have you. We just try to write fun, interesting, emotionally true television. And we hope that someone comes to the table. I will say it's sometimes frustrating, because I think the general perception is that the show is for kids. And we've had so many adults tell us that they started watching with their children and then got into it themselves. I wish more grown-ups would give us a go. I really do. Sigh ...

10) An anonymous person asks, "What inspires you to write all these great scripts?"

They give me Cheetos at the end of the day if I'm good.

11) John R. asks, "I've noticed a subtle but effective attitude encouraging independence in the show. First the Council tries to have too many rules and regulations, and Buffy punts them; then the Initiative is too regimented, and she shows them up totally. Is this intentional? In any case, I like it. Independent thinking and self-reliance are good qualities."

Well, if you think so -- I do too. No, seriously, good question. We do encourage independence in our characters and, hopefully, in our young female audience. We know how crushing the pressure is on young women to conform past a certain age. How grades tend to fall and bad hair days become more frequent once girls hit junior high. But we also try to reflect the fact that young women can be swayed by love or a need to feel accepted. Some degree of that is just human. I think we try to champion independence while not making girls feel like aliens because they have a new crush every six minutes. In fact, Buffy isn't a television show at all. It's a public service! Maybe that's why our ratings aren't better.

12) Team BG asks, "Are the plotlines very tightly controlled or do they sometimes take on a life of their own? What developments have surprised you on either show? Have you ever felt like you couldn't believe what you guys were getting away with?"

Sometimes Joss Whedon, our incredible leader, knows where we're going and what he wants. Other times it's "What does Buffy kill again?" and "Who's Buffy?" Plot lines can shift and change depending on a lot of factors. Sometimes certain characters don't quite catch on. We can feel it, and they depart sooner than planned. Other times something works so well that it influences future episodes. Nobody thought Spike would still be around. Or Anya. And you bet I can't believe what we're getting away with! I mean, a lot of the time it's metaphor-y, but we do some kinky-butt stuff and nobody says a word.

Buffy & Angel
Fans were shocked when it was announced that Angel and Buffy were going their separate ways show-wise. Now, pining for what was, many fans are compelled to ask... The Ultimate Question:

13) Mishka, Ivy, Lyn, AnnMarie, Elise P., Faith and many others must know, "Are Buffy and Angel ever going to get back together?"

As for Buffy and Angel, they have their own shows now. Angel is doing well in the ratings and gaining a following of his own. I think they've moved on. I mean, I was also broken-hearted when they went their separate ways -- but let's face it. There wasn't a whole lot more for them to play out. She dies, he almost dies, he goes to Hell, he comes back. Remember when David and Maddie got together? Or Sam and Diane? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

14) Team BG asks, "How long before Buffy sent Angel to Hell did you guys know that was going to happen? Was the whole arc in place when it started? Did the completion of that arc instigate Angel's departure?"

Actually, Joss had that whole going-to-Hell thing in place for a long time. He knew well ahead. But we didn't know Angel was going to leave for sure until he got a good destination: 9:00 p.m. on the WB. So, I don't recall the two actually being linked.

Wherefore Art Thou, Doyle?
Angel took a major turn in its first season as Doyle, the half-demon medium who aided Angel's investigations, made a noble sacrifice that removed him from the show. Fans were pained. Several even pleaded for his return.

15) Dolores writes, "Dear Marti: My daughter and I (she 30, I 53) love Buffy and Angel. But, WE MISS DOYLE! Please find a way to bring him back! You brought Angel back, maybe something similar will bring Doyle back. Please give us your thoughts. Or maybe his own show?"

I can only quote Joss on this one. Doyle will never, ever return. Period. (Sorry, fans of Doyle. I also don't imagine he'll be getting his own show; not via Team Buffy anyway.)

Buffy's New Flame

16) Kim H. writes, "I absolutely love Buffy and Angel!!! You're doing a great job. Question: will the relationship between Riley and Buffy last? A lot of people are anti-Riley, but he's pretty cool. [Will] Angel meet Riley?"

We like Riley a lot here at Buffy. But will it last? Please see question #4. Angel and Riley meeting? Hmmmmmm. Keep watching.


Willow and Tara: Witch Way Will They Go?
Another topic stirring conversation and controversy in the world of Slayer fandom is the budding relationship between witches Willow and Tara. Iluvandy, Heather, Tanya, Tiffany W., and others asked a question like Margaret's:

17) What the heck is going on with Willow and Tara? What will happen to poor Oz when he comes back?

Willow and Tara are in a relationship of a romantic nature. With each other. Isn't that cool? (As for the controversy part, see question #6.) And as for Oz's return, keep an eye out for Episode 19 of this season, which is my next one. And which, sadly, does not actually star sock-puppets.

Meanwhile, Back at Giles' Apartment...

18) Winni asks, "Will Giles be getting into relationships with anyone soon? Why doesn't he hang out with other adults? What happened to Buffy's mom? What's going on with the witch rat?"

Man. That was a bunch of sneaky questions pretending to be one question. Keep watching for more developments in Giles' personal life. Buffy's mom will be around very shortly -- probably before you've read this. And the rat is in her cage. We hope. When she gets out she tends to chew cords and get into my Cheetos.

19) Allison R. asks, "Are Xander and Cordy going to resolve this like-dislike-used-to-love-each-other thing they had? 'Cause I am dying for some closure!"

Possibly. We love those Buffy/Angel crossovers.

20) Caroline asks, "Would it ever be possible for Spike to actually LIKE a human? And if so, what are the possibilities of LOVE (i.e., can I be a guest star on that episode?)?"

If Spike ever gets smoochy with a human again, I think a number of girls in our cast will fight you for the role, Caroline. Apparently, he's so bad he's good....

So that's it. Thanks guys; those were great questions.

Thank YOU, Marti! See you on Tuesday!
-Team BG

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Who Do You Love?

Marti informs us that you can tell everything you need to know about a guy by the woman he loves on Buffy. We put the Breakup Boys -- Chris, Colin, and Mike -- to the test.

For me, it's Anya. The character, particularly in her early episodes, is so endearingly awkward -- the former demon shyly-yet-tactlessly bending to the biological and social needs placed on her by her teenage body. I think part of the attraction is that I identify with her -- stay with me -- her awkwardness, cluelessness, and yet, her excitement about dating.

I have to admit to falling for Willow, early and hard. Devastatingly adorable, sure; but also such a good and giddy soul. Ever looking for the bright side, even when there isn't one. Looks great in an Eskimo suit. She's been through many incarnations, but Good Willow pretending to be Evil Willow may be the most stupendously endearing of them all.

: Spunky. Vulnerable. Redhead. Magic.

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