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May 22, 2000 e-mail e-mail to a friend in need

Phew! Time flies when...you do. I've been jetting around so much I hardly noticed spring was here. Wasn't it just Valentine's Day? Oh wait, that's every day (if you do it my way). Anyway, I'll be zipping around the states signing my book for the rest of the summer.

But in the meantime, I wanted to let you know that -- because of back-to-back trips to San Diego (work!) and Paris (pas de work!) -- this column and the next will, like BG, be on the short side; bear avec moi. And for all you gals/guys who are also on the go-go-go, check this out: (1) With my brand-new audio book -- hey, that's my voice! -- BG can get you off the hook on the fly, and (2), if you start planning, like, as soon as you finish reading this column, it's not too late to pull together a wedding for this season (unless you're missing that one detail)! That's right, it's

Open Season on Weddings!

Why, sure. All you need is the brand-new book How To "I Do:" Planning the Ultimate Wedding in Six Weekends Or Less. Which is sometimes as long as it takes for me to find the time for one date, so I'm impressed.

And available. I mean, for advice. Authors/planners Holly Lefevre and Christine Cudanes will help you handle all "I Do" To Dos with dignified dispatch. But -- in the words of an FOBG's vigorously air-quoting wedding consultant: "In a wedding, there are no 'problems.' Only 'situations'" -- you can always come to me, quick for "situations" not covered under "Hire a Baker" or "Sample Rehearsal Itinerary." Like, say, this one, and the one below.

Other weddingy resources for you, yours, and noone's yet at breakupgirl.net:

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Someone Blue: Wending your way through other people's weddings

The Mall Wedding!

Oh, and by the way? If six weeks is too long for you humming lovebirds, quick, pick up a copy of Beyond Vegas. (Relax, my Paris trip is unrelated.)



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