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Diary Entry 4

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Wednesday, May 6

More Seattle:

  • Greenlake Park, Pioneer Square, Fremont: the funky crunchy neighborhood (makes Harvard Square look like Orange County) with its own big sculpted troll lying in wait -- and snacking on a VW bug (the old kind) -- under the bridge.
  • Breakup Girl stops by Belltown to help a "friend" pack for a move to New York (ability to fly always handy -- if not exploited -- in such situations), only dimly remembering her own admonition that "helping" is not necessarily "flirting."
  • More microbrews, more espresso (by going 1 for 1, BG is maintaining an even keel).
  • In other news, an unrepentant Shaq says dumb stuff about Sonics' coach/women; BG did make some calls, but the coach's macho gangster attire for tonight's game was not her idea. Still, game #2's moral victory -- points, schmoints -- goes to the Sonics.

Thursday, May 7

Snoqualmie Falls.
The TV subtext of Breakup Girl's Wedding Tour continues. This past Tuesday, we had the Seattle Buffyklatsch. And before that, Vancouver "The Truth is Outta Here" British Columbia. Where, I neglected to mention earlier, (1) Gillian "Agent Scully" Anderson and friends had purchased the building next door to where I stayed (with lovely high school friends of Breakup Mom's -- still-married high school sweethearts, in fact, do you love that?) and were renovating it into a restaurant (Oh, the jokes available here! Don't even get me started), and (2) right across the street from same, BG watched "Ally McBeal" with the mom of the guy who plays Billy. A lovely Frenchwoman, she kept saying divine things like, "Ach, zey are such a passionless couple!" BG thinks he is married in real life, but felt that attempting to confirm this -- especially while off-duty -- would be indecorous.

ANYWAY. Snoqualmie, WA and its environs are the real-life home of: well, I'll make you guess. The Great Northern. Big Ed's Gas Farm. The Roadhouse. The Double R (or was it "R and R?") Diner (huge hint: home of famed coffee and pie). Super Trivia Bonus: the railroad trestle where they found a disoriented Ronette Pulaski. Okay, one more hint: BG cracked herself up by cradling a small log and making cryptic statements to no one in particular. That's right: Twin Peaks.

(A shout out to the righteous tour guide who provided transportation for / put up with this Lynchian scavenger hunt: Prashant, President of the Pacific Northwest Regional Breakup Girl Booster Club.)

Breakup Girl was actually a little embarrassed at how excited she was to see all these sites (then again, gimme a break, I'll see the Sistine Chapel in July). (Yeaaah boyeee! Another BG Vaca! Don't panic. We'll talk about that later.)

And to be fair, never mind the Peakage: the mighty Snoqualmie Falls are magNIF. PheNOM. SpecTAC. You can stare at them from a gazebo up above -- where you get deliciously drenched in mist -- or hike down below. If you're Breakup Girl, you can vault over the fence (don't tell) and get your picture taken next to a sign that says "END OF TRAIL" -- thought it might come in handy in some other context. Also, you can have lunch at The Salish Lodge, which provided the exterior shots of the Great Northern. It's the "most romantic spot in Washington." According to the plaque. BG wouldn't know.

Friday, May 8 - Sunday, May 10
[ Breakup Girl is currently trapped in Napa Valley -- at the vaguely Lynchian Hideaway Cottages in Calistoga -- with limited Internet access (inversely proportional to her access to wine and spas). (Case in point: Dr. Wilkinson's joint around the corner. His brochure invites you to experience "The Man, The Mud, The Magic.") Sign me the hell up. ]

NEXT UP: A full report on Wedding Number 1!

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