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July 31, 2008

This just in: men have feelings!

Filed under: News,Treats — posted by Amanda @ 8:32 am

The results of AskMen.com’s Great Male Survey are in, and some of the findings may surprise you. (Or not, assuming everyone in your relationship reads BreakupGirl.net and is therefore most excellent and discerning.) The “Internet’s top men’s lifestyle site” asked more than 70,000 readers to take the 150-question survey, which was broken down into five sections: Lifestyle, Dating, Sexuality, Power & Money, and Men in 2008. AskMen.com also teamed up with Yahoo! Shine, a lifestyles website for women, to host the Great Female Survey, which included 40 questions from the male survey about dating and sexuality. (Women, evidently, have no Power or Money, and are interesting only when talking about men.)

The survey’s goal — and this is where we’ve got their back — was challenge the all-too-common image of today’s men as immature, insensitive, and afraid of commitment. Says AskMen.com editor-in-chief James Bassil, “These survey results will be surprising to many women, most of whom have a completely different perspective of what the average man thinks and feels.” Selected results after the jump…

— 37% say real men aren’t afraid to show their emotions

— 57% cook at home and enjoy doing so

— 32% occasionally read women’s magazines; of those, 31% do so to read the articles and gain insight on how women think

— 36% believe they have a soul mate and are looking for her; 24% believe they have already found theirs

— 42% won’t bother pursuing a relationship with a woman who doesn’t have wife potential

— 77% have shed tears over a woman

— 51% say they don’t fear commitment

— 82% would be comfortable in a relationship where the woman had a higher income

— 65% make a regular effort to be romantic

— 60% have never insincerely told a woman they loved her in order to get sex and never would

— 59% say no commercial portrayals of men are accurate

— 52% say being a good father and/or husband who takes care of his family is what makes a man a manly man in 2008

And my personal favorite:

— 48% say “there is no ultimate status symbol. Status symbols are for douche bags.”

Rock on, fellas. To see all the results, click here. Then, if you like, give us the good news: that, Deuce Bigalow notwithstanding, you’re not surprised at all.


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