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May 3

Closet Hanson fans unite!

Filed under: TV — posted by Chris @ 10:27 am

Back in 2000, when Breakup Girl fought love crimes out of the halls of Oxygen Media and had her own Just Friends League that was actually paid, there was one pre-(re)launch late night that can only be described as Hanson-fueled. Still ensconced in the internet bubble, a carefree, impromptu post-midnight dance party erupted to the strains of Mmmbop echoing throughout the space-age, Bond-villain-like offices of O2. Since that memorable night — probably typical of internet startups — Hanson have been the musical patron saints of breakupgirl.net. If Hanson are our patron saints, then Siobhan Magnus is our wood nymph, and with her off of AI, the magic has disappeared from our Tuesday nights.

Siobhan’s own, very public, love for Hanson has created a bit of a resurgence of interest in the boys, which is definitely the case around here. (And they’ve been nice enough to return that love to her!) Free from the constraining theme nights and short cleared-song-lists of American Idol, the world finally got to hear Siobhan singing (and playing!) Hanson music, when she had dinner at the If I Can Dream house.

There are full videos of A Song To Sing, Use Me Up and I Will Come To You on YouTube but they have been taken from Friday night’s stream of the house’s closed circuit cameras and the audio is not nearly as good. The LA Times has a full recap of her visit here.

Bonus: Hanson’s awesome new song/video!


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