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January 7

2cute + 2b = 4got

Filed under: Advice — posted by Breakup Girl @ 9:40 am

Classic LetterTonz of fun from January 19, 1998

Dear Breakup Girl,

My ex-girlfriend is driving me CrAzY!!! We only went out for two months over this past summer and it was really hard on her when we broke up. It wasn’t easy for me either, but it was tonz harder for her. The reason we broke up is that our friendship seemed to be disappearing, and neither of us wanted that to happen, so we agreed to just be friends.

Well, since we still really liked each other, it wasn’t that easy. She took me to the first Girl’s Choice dance of the year and we had lots of fun, but it led to a major problem. As I already said, we both still liked each other lotz, and we ended up kissing a few times through out the nite.

When I got home I felt really stupid and was mad at myself for getting into that position. I talked to her about it and we both agreed that we shouldn’t flirt at all anymore.

Well, I stopped flirting with her and I got over the breakup. The problem is, she still likes me a ton! We broke up four months ago and she is still trying to get me back!!!

It’s really bugging me!!! I used to be really good friends with her and go over to her house like every day or two after school, but besides dropping her off from doing stuff with our friends I haven’t been to her house since for two or three months. I want to be friends with her and be comfortable talking to her again, but I can’t! Another thing is that when we are at parties or just hanging out at my house like my friends usually do on weekends, she will tell someone a memory she has of when we were going out, and I HATE IT. It makes me feel stupid and uncomfortable. I finally got her to stop telling me she thinks I’m cute, cause that did the same thing and made me feel uncomfortable. I wish she would pick up the hints that me and my friends have been dropping like a ton of bricks, but it just doesn’t seem to do anything.

Please give me any ideas you might have on how to get her off my back or at least be able to stand it easier!!! THANKS A TON.

— Going InSaNe!!!

DeAr Going InSaNe!!!

For what it’s worth, Breakup Girl is printing your letter as a public service to all exes who think that Trying to Get Someone Back is an effective means of getting someone back.

BrEaKuP gIrL

P.S. Really, all there is for you to do is the gentle-but-direct thing: you value and want her friendship … but friends is all it’s gonna be. Warn her nicely that any more campaigning may have the opposite of its intended effect. If you need to avoid her for a while, tell her why. She’ll get the idea.


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