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March 6

Reuniting with your X

Filed under: News,TV — posted by Breakup Girl @ 2:30 pm

The truth is … coming soon to a theater near you! From the L.A. Times:

“They flew from Germany and England and Chicago to attend. They lined up at 5 a.m. outside the Moscone Center West in San Francisco fueled by contagious group excitement and caffeine. They sat through the boring ‘Shutter’ panel to make sure they got good seats. One attendee estimates that there were 5,000 people packed into the 4,000 capacity convention hall and that’s not including the spillover that ran down the various hallways.

But God, it was worth it!

Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and ‘X-Files’ creator Chris Carter were at Wondercon last week…to promote the still-untitled new ‘X-Files’ film scheduled to come out July 25 and it was the first time the trio had appeared together at a convention since ‘X-Files’ first came on the air in 1993. The fans screamed throughout the whole 45 minutes.”

Who can blame them?

After all, “It has been five years since the ‘X-Files’ franchise went off the air and (let’s be honest) at least six years since it’s been good,” writes Deborah Netburn. “And so the rabid fan base, a precursor to the frame-by-frame-watching ‘Lost’ and ‘Heroes’ obsessives, has been left without any new material to dissect and discuss and analyze for half a decade now.” (Unless you count Lost and Heroes.)

Now the Interwebs are going nuts. Like Idealists Haven, said to be one of the oldest online X-Files communities, which will serve as a clearing house for <strike>conspiracy theories</strike> information about the new film. “The atmosphere on the boards these days is euphoric,” Vanessa Griekspoor, an Idealists Haven moderator, told the L.A. Times. “Loyalty has paid off and with those old members returning, it’s one big party.”

BG thinks this is great news all around for romance, and not just because she gets to tell her alter ego’s story about meeting David Duchovny. (See below.) One big party, indeed. Fans “euphoric” about the news? It’s like a whole bunch of smart people in the same room (virtual or otherwise) on ecstasy, without the drug. Top that. It’s also tribute to and proof of the enduring power of — yes! — platonic male-female (or otherwise non-romantic) friendship. I don’t care what you fanfic fans say, the “Will they or won’t they?” matter between Mulder and Scully is possibly the least interesting mystery ever explored in the context of the X-Files, and that’s including season nine. I see it the other way: how rare and wonderful to see such a nuanced depiction of male-female friendship, one that doesn’t require ever mentioning “When Harry Met Sally”! I say we leave them alone. And/or hope that each of them finds a nice guy/girl of his/her own, who preferably does not turn out to be an alien.

And now! Here, as a bonus for reading this far, is the tale of one of the great moments in the journalistic career of my alter ego.

I’ll let her tell it. “I have had a conversation with Shaun Cassidy about the nature of irony (long story), and I have also made David Duchovny laugh. So basically, I can die now.

Well, I did actually make David Duchovny laugh on one other occasion, years ago, when he was still Fox Mulder and I still had time to do things like wait outside Letterman to get his autograph. While he signed, my mind raced to find some witty conversational filler to prevent myself from blurting something idiotic, such as ‘You’re not like my other crushes. I actually think something could work out between the two of us.’

‘We were at Yale at the same time,’ I offered, hoping he’d look at me long enough to notice my Scully-red hair. ‘Really?’ he said. ‘Mmmhmm. Only I don’t remember you because I didn’t know who you were,’ I blurted.

He laughed. Of course, it was that special ‘Heh heh, whatever, you freak” laugh normally reserved for Alex Krycek, who killed Mulder’s father.

This incident led directly to Duchovny’s marriage to Téa Leoni.

But then I got secured a seat at the press roundtable for Duchovny’s film ‘The House of D.’ (You don’t remember it. I do. It’s based loosely, very, on his growing up in Greenwich Village. Téa Leoni plays the main character’s mother.) We would soon be face to hair again.

So there we were. He didn’t seem to remember me. I dealt. When another reporter asked him what it was like to work with Téa, he waxed practically freaking rhapsodic. ‘That woman is one of a kind,’ he said. ‘No one’s that pretty and that funny.’ (Hey!) But here was my in, the perfect moment for the interview question suggested by evil genius Chris, who’d come with me to the screening. ‘She plays your mother,’ I said. He looked me in the eye. ‘Discuss.’

And he laughed. Reader, he laughed! ‘It would have been weird to be in the same scene together,’ he said, ‘especially the way I would have kissed her.’ See? After all these years, after all that’s happened, he and I can just hang out together, kid around. Really, I feel like we’ve both grown up.”


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