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April 5

How to tell if he LIKElikes you…

Filed under: News — posted by BG Friday @ 4:59 pm

Fantastic new study featured in this month’s Psychological Science finds that college-aged men are more likely to misinterpret friendly non-verbal cues for sexual cues than college-aged women. (Um…duh?) The data out of Indiana University and Yale suggests that “women have an advantage when it comes to interpreting facial expressions and body language expressing a variety of emotions, thus are more likely to accurately ID cues for sexual interest.” This contradicts the simpler, more popular theory that young men just tend to over-sexualize everything. The findings excite me for a purely selfish reason: Finally, after so many years of shame, writing the same (not really, but essentially) How to Tell If He’s Interested In You-esque quizzes and articles, I see that they worked! So vindicating. If even one shy co-ed had the cohones to approach the guy ogling her because she recognized his subtle shift into the (very interested) “cowboy stance,” then I have served all of my sisters.


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