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May 15

Bride walks down aisle unaccompanied by patriarchy

Filed under: blogs,issues,media — posted by Paula @ 6:11 am

We just spotted this few-weeks-old-but-still-compelling post from LemonDrop: it’s a lovely meditation on designing a wedding that reflects the authentic values of an adult relationship, rather than trotting out cliches that may no longer be age- or couple-appropriate.

One of the traditions this smart bride (writer Virginia Sole-Smith) eschews is the whole “walk me down the aisle and give me away like I’m chattel” business. She’s not the first, only, or last to do this, of course, but  she’s especially eloquent about this and other decisions. Congratulations on your equal marriage, Ms. Sole-Smith!


July 15

Another reason to ban the toss

Filed under: News — posted by Breakup Girl @ 10:02 am

Bride’s bouquet brings down plane.

(Normally, it just brings down the room.)


June 1


Filed under: News — posted by Breakup Girl @ 4:19 pm

Quoth our tipster: “Ruins dress, saves lives!”


February 20

Another reason to watch the Oscars

Filed under: News — posted by Breakup Girl @ 2:25 pm

Also via Broadsheet:

Every so often you wonder if they come up with the title first, then the show.

The press release in question from WE tv:

“Understandably, every bride wants her wedding day to be picture perfect and that means that her gown must be stunning and fit like a glove. A new Cornell study reports that more than 70 percent of brides-to-be are on a mission to lose weight before their big day. All-new series, WE tv’s BULGING BRIDES [Yep!] premieres an all-new episode on Sunday, February 24 at 10pm / 9c. … The latest installment … follows Heidi, a constant procrastinator [and bad person], who has been putting off plans for her upcoming nuptials [because FAT people are shiftless].



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