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July 29

Keeping up with the gossip

Filed under: Celebrities — posted by Maria @ 8:59 pm

If these two kids can’t make it work, what hope is there for working stiffs like you and me?

Oh Reggie and Kim, we had such high hopes for you.

Well, at least there’s another season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to look forward to.


April 29

The farmer takes a wife

Filed under: TV — posted by Amanda @ 4:32 pm

Today’s New York Times includes a bit of a bodice-ripper about the CW’s new reality show, Farmer Wants a Wife (April 30, 9 PM EST), a sort of “The Bachelor” meets “Green Acres” featuring real-life Missouri farmer/bachelor Matt Neustadt, 30.

“When meeting women, it’s very hard to sell the fact that I am [a farmer],” Neustadt told the Times, explaining that they’re immediately suspicious of what apparently comes across as just some kind of aw-shucks line. “A lot of times they seem to think that I am a player.”

Some of this confusion may also arise from Neustadt’s physique, which the Times describes in blush-worthy detail, from his “surfer” tan to his “rippling washboard abs” to his entering the show “shirtless, his pectoral muscles rippling in the sunlight.” (Sheesh! Get a hayloft!)

But Neustadt hopes that his good looks won’t stand in the way of a true connection. And the ten women vying to be Mrs. Farmer (who “include several aspiring actors or entertainers, members of professions that might be hard to nurture in Portage Des Sioux”) say that all they’re looking for is love, too. In fact, most claim they’re more interested in finding a soul mate than being on TV. And clearly they’re willing to look outside their comfort zone. After all, according to the show’s producer, city women are simply tired of the urban singles scene.

But hey, Neustadt’s peers might say, at least urban singles have a scene.

So, reality TV junkies: you gonna watch this one? Think the down-home (versus, say, Orange County) factor will make it different from the rest?


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