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December 10

Target Women: How To Get Hot Chicks

Filed under: Comedy,pop culture — posted by Breakup Girl @ 11:46 am

How did we miss this?


July 8

Real men don’t eat rice cakes?

Filed under: Psychology,Treats — posted by Breakup Girl @ 8:15 am

We already know that yogurt is the official food of women. (Dessert: Fling Bar.) And that real men don’t eat the savory egg tart that dare not speak its name. A.K. Whitney over at Siren (via The Frisky) has even been told — by the waiter she just ordered from — that Beef Stroganoff was “a man’s dish.” So tell: have those stereotypes — steeped in lame, undercooked notions of masculinity and femininity — made their way onto your plates? Are you a guy who gets a look for ordering salad? A gal who asks for regular…and gets served Diet?

OK, now I’m hungry. And not, it should be noted, for a rice cake.


December 17

Target Women: Jewelry

Filed under: Comedy,TV — posted by Chris @ 9:30 am

If you haven’t been paying attention, Current TV, Al Gore’s user-generated news channel (“cable access for wonks”), has begun interrupting its endless stream of QuickTime clips with something called “tv programs” — so last century! Not that we’re complaining; One such foray into less-new media is infoMania, a collection of satirical bits by regular contributors (Daily Show-meets-YouTube) which has given us the lovely Sarah Haskins. Her Target Women series skewers how the media reaches out to women, and her newest target is holiday Jewelry commercials:

Target Women: Jewelry

There’s nothing that says “I love you” to a woman like a diamond. Nope, not even the words “I love you.”


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