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March 15

TRANSform Me: tonight!

Filed under: Treats,TV — posted by Breakup Girl @ 11:28 am

“TRANSform Me,” a television series co-created by <YAY!> our own Kristine </YAY!> with partners from the documentary “T” (currently in post-production), is premiering tonight at 10:30pm EST on VH1.  “TRANSform Me” is a makeover show starring three talented transgender women –  Laverne Cox, Nina Poon, and Jamie Clayton — as they answer 911 calls from women around the country.  Having faced the ultimate challenge of transformation themselves, they push boundaries and help women connect with their own brand of femininity.

Kristine sez: “It’s a fun show!  Please tune in if you can!”

Here’s a sneak pizzeek:


August 6

Comfort station

Filed under: News — posted by Amanda @ 6:25 am

transgender bathroom signYou thought the Ally McBathroom was controversial? While such progress is, in many parts of the US, stalling, the BBC reports that the Kampang Secondary School in Thailand — a country known for its tolerance, if not warm fuzzy embrace, of men who dress and live as women — is now providing its student body with girls’, boys’, and transgender bathrooms. (See super-keen sign at right; call it the international symbol for “adolescence just got a liiiiittle bit easier.”) Kampang is not the first Thai educational institution to set up such a system, though it may be the first secondary school to do so, reports FOX. This news has stirred not controversy but discussion in other schools now wondering if they should follow suit.

As for Kampang itself, head teacher Sitisak Sumontha estimates that “in any year between 10% and 20% of his boys consider themselves to be transgender.” (No word, it should be noted — and perhaps explored in a complicated socio-cultural dissertation — on girls who roll as boys.) He explains that the boys who desire to be girls are uncomfortable in either girls’ or boys’ restrooms, and that often, the girls and boys are uncomfortable there with them. So perhaps there’s still room for some diversity education, but at least in the meantime, these boys will be that much freer to heed the call of nature.


February 20

India’s transgender Oprah

Filed under: News — posted by Breakup Girl @ 1:31 pm

Via Broadsheet:

It sounds like the opening scene of a promising Indian indie: 40 family members gather to agree on a suitable bride for an eligible son. As it turns out, says the son, there’s no suitable bride for me; I’m not interested in women at all. (Women’s clothing, yes. But not women.)That son — who was kicked out of the house that day — has now come back to live with that family as their daughter Rose, though her mother still hides her dresses and jewelry when she gets the chance. At the end of the day, though, there’s really no hiding at all anymore: Rose (just Rose) is now India’s first transgender talk show host. Her show, “Ippadikku Rose” (“Yours, Rose”), will be broadcast to up to 64 million people in the southern state of Tamil Nadu later this month. It is, according to the New York Times, “expected to cause a sensation.”



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