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April 9, 2008

Breaking up via text message

Filed under: News,TV — posted by Chris @ 3:19 pm

The blogosphere is OMGing over Gossip Boy Chace Crawford’s split with Idol darling Carrie Underwood via text message. Sure the couple were dunzo a while azo, but a fresh quote from Carrie over the weekend provided the juicy SMS twist to their “mutual” breakup that has people typing.To us, Charrie (Crawwood?) never seemed so serious that decorum would dictate a face-to-face breakup — especially with C-Bear constantly on tour — but there’s something about texting that suggests “I want to spend as little time on this breakup as possible and use the fewest number of letters.” Ouch. What do people think? Is this the appropriate way to extricate oneself when one of the parties has their own commemorative Louisville Slugger?


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