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July 19

Carrie’s Sparkly Wedding!

Filed under: Celebrities — posted by Chris @ 10:37 am

carrie-underwood-240We at BreakupGirl.net have been huge fans of Carrie since Idol, and no matter how magical her life has gotten since winning, we have found it impossible to hate her. This unconditional love was put to the test with her fairytale wedding to ultimate-catch/hockey player Mike Fisher, detailed in this weekend’s People. Usually other people’s weddings, in particular the kind that garner this kind of EXCLUSIVE! coverage, have us reaching for the tylenol. But not this one. We are thrilled for the still-humble Okie! How is this possible? Maybe because it’s just another perk of winning Idol, which we helped make happen. The biggest perk we’ve ever seen, come to think of it. Although that Mustang was nice.


July 14

Before He Cheats: the store

Filed under: News — posted by Breakup Girl @ 11:19 am

It’s sort of a “spa day” in hell: a new store in a Chinese mall where women — only women — can go to vent their rage by literally picking up a bat and breaking sh*t. Apparently their frustrations are mainly job[lessness] and economy-related, but of course we can imagine (though perhaps not support) the grand opening of their sister store, Break Your Ex’s Sh*t. I do have some questions, though:

1. Where are the men, going, then? (Naive, probably: I’m guessing that women have fewer societally-sanctioned alternatives for letting all hella loose.)

2. Do we have such places here? According to the comments at Jezebel (h/t for the story), the answer is yes.

3. If you were to open such a place of business, what would you stock it with and why?


June 9

Carrie’s 3rd inning bridal shower

Filed under: Celebrities — posted by Chris @ 8:37 am

When you’re down 10-4 how do you throw the opposing team off their game? Why not throw their star player an impromptu bridal shower! That’s what went down at the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game on Monday night in Nashville. In the third inning, bride-to-be Carrie Underwood (who kind of unfairly brought along her professional athlete fiancée) was showered with gag gifts by the rival team which included members of Gloriana and the Oak Ridge Boys among others. After Midnight came back to beat The Grand Ole Opry in extra innings. The fun starts around 2:40…

Via MJ’s Big Blog.


March 19

I’ve got tears in my ears from lyin’ on my back cryin’ over you

Filed under: Celebrities,TV — posted by Breakup Girl @ 9:30 am


Therapy: Watch Carrie and Randy over and over and over.

P.S. The “fix” is out.


February 13

A Valentine’s Duet

Filed under: Treats — posted by Chris @ 11:33 am

It’s a Crisis On Infinite Earths! Earth-4 Idol Carrie Underwood teams-up with Earth-7 Idol David Cook to battle Fleetwood Mac; The resulting rip in the AI multi-verse creates so much anti-matter, the caustic “Go Your Own Way” becomes a sexy crowd pleaser!


January 8

Anthem for disappointment

Filed under: Treats — posted by Chris @ 8:01 am

Carrie ditches her hits to perform the concert show-stopper, I Know You Won’t, at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. Waiting by the phone never sounded so good! (After a nervous start.)

Repetitive? Sure. But so is misery.


May 20

Is Tony still in love with Carrie?

Filed under: Celebrities,News — posted by Chris @ 4:26 am

I mean, we would be.


April 9

Breaking up via text message

Filed under: News,TV — posted by Chris @ 3:19 pm

The blogosphere is OMGing over Gossip Boy Chace Crawford’s split with Idol darling Carrie Underwood via text message. Sure the couple were dunzo a while azo, but a fresh quote from Carrie over the weekend provided the juicy SMS twist to their “mutual” breakup that has people typing.To us, Charrie (Crawwood?) never seemed so serious that decorum would dictate a face-to-face breakup — especially with C-Bear constantly on tour — but there’s something about texting that suggests “I want to spend as little time on this breakup as possible and use the fewest number of letters.” Ouch. What do people think? Is this the appropriate way to extricate oneself when one of the parties has their own commemorative Louisville Slugger?


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