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August 6

Boo who?

Filed under: News — posted by Amanda @ 9:24 am

You may remember the AskMen.com survey finding that 77% of men had cried over a woman, and not just on the day they heard about Natalie Portman and what’s-his-name. Now, the BBC tells us that their peers across the pond (or maybe, like, all sentient beings) aren’t so different. Here’s what makes those blokes well up:

  • Making parents proud
  • Birth of first child/grandchild
  • Tribulations of a loved one
  • Letting a loved one down
  • Letting yourself down
  • Saying “I’m sorry”
  • Winning/losing a hard-fought game
  • The farewell scene in Weekend at Bernie’s < KIDDING

I have a feeling that if we keep making TOO big a deal out of the “news” that “real men cry!” BG herself will burst into tears. But come on fellas, do tell: what turns on your waterworks?


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