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January 17

Is it revenge, or just the truth?

Filed under: Advice — posted by Breakup Girl @ 10:11 am

Speaking truth to loser on May 25, 1998

Dear Breakup Girl,

Help me, I want to get revenge at my ex-boyfriend, because he broke up with me and then he told everybody some stuff about me that’s totally untrue. Now I’m SO angry at him and want to do something that makes him feel really bad. Do you think I should ignore him (be cold) or should I tell him that I don’t accept that he’s running around telling lies? One thing he doesn’t know is that some of his friends are on my side. That feels really good, but it would’ve been better if he knew that, too. I don’t know how to get revenge so please help me!

— Matilda

Dear Matilda,

First of all, letting him know that you don’t appreciate his lying is not revenge, it’s telling the truth. If you want to call him on it, be my guest. And if you do, remember that just because he doesn’t act like he feels bad doesn’t mean he doesn’t. As for the friends, you are allowed to play one Flaunting Card. If they’re really on your side, maybe one of them will be willing to let the boy know as much — that they don’t appreciate his lying either. (Strictly speaking, this is not revenge, either). But really, your best bet is to hold your head high and make it clear — just by being your bad, cool self — that whatever Rumor Monger said is false. Ultimately, it’s his street cred — not yours — that’s most at stake.

Breakup Girl


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