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February 11

Previously, on Breakup Girl…

Filed under: Comics — posted by Chris @ 2:01 am

It’s been seven years since BG’s last online adventures, but now the advice and hijinks continue! On February 14th we will start posting (weekly!) what we call The New Adventures of Breakup Girl over the next six months!

The comic strip exploits of Breakup Girl and the gang were revived last year by Lifetime Mobile, who commissioned 28 brand new adventures as part of a 52-week rollout of BG stories on the CELL PHONE. Now, starting Thursday we will be bringing these stories to you on the web!

Because the strips were continuous on Lifetime Mobile, there is no gap between the 1997-2000 run and the new stories; There’s no “where are they now” hilarity or epic “Breakup Girl Returns” plotlines. In the spirit of continuity, here’s where we left off… Remember “Supervillains: A Love Story”–?

Supervillains Page 1

Supervillains Page 2

Supervillains Page 3

Supervillains Page 4

Supervillains Page 5

Supervillains Page 6

Catch up on more adventures in our comics section!


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